October 6, 2008

This post is about...

... just about everything!

... the cutest little girl! Isn't she adorable when she's asleep (Don't get me wrong, she's cute when she's awake too!)?

... my fish Gilbert. I took a couple of pictures of Gilbert today. My family pics wouldn't be the same if Gilbert's picture wasn't there!

... the perfect kite flying weather we had today! Last weekend at the relief sale, I got Joelle a kite at the children's auction. It was a Barbie kite! Yeah! I love Barbie! Don't you? Sigh... Oh well, it flies pretty well. We had to add a LONG yellow ribbon to the end for the tail. It kept wanting to fall to one side. Finally once we got the kite up high enough, it flew... until it landed on our neighbors roof. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but I got my camera to late.

... how beautiful the trees are going to be this fall! While mom and I were taking a walk, I spied the first half-red tree on our cul-de-sac.

... a new shirt I made (I weaved it and everything... :)! I'm gonna wear it when I go to Jenny's volleyball games!



... all the beautiful sites around me!

This is the pumpkin I got from the relief sale.

Here are some mums (I think) that are growing on our front porch.

And here is the game that is driving me bonkers! The object of the game is that you have to get the 'bugs' colors, headlights and taillights matching. I got it once, and I marked the middle piece. The puzzle will only work one way. Confusing!

See ya!

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Davene October 7, 2008 at 1:23 PM  

It's always fun to peek into your world! :)

The new header picture is stunning! I also really like the shirt you made for volleyball games...so creative. Which reminds me--I want to bring Josiah and David to one of the games sometime. I missed the ones this past week because of utter exhaustion from a too-busy schedule, but I'm looking forward to making it to a game sometime soon!

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