November 23, 2008

Colorful Crayons!

I'm trying to find a new header picture (Because I've had mine for OVER a week! Time for a new one!). I'm having absolutely no luck. I looked up pictures of cats, dogs, sunsets, sunrises, silhouettes, colorful things, EVERYTHING! While I was wondering what I was going to do, I saw them: Crayons that had never been used! I lined them all in a row (I color co-ordinated them :) and took a couple pictures:


I got this photo from Morning Has Broken.

I showed dad this photo because I really liked the colors (And the cupcakes look nice too :) and the background. The whole thing just matched! The sprinkles go with the background dots and colorful lines, while the cupcakes are overflowing with delicious icing goodness! Dad was telling me that the reason I liked it so much, was because I'm a colorful kind of person! I don't like dull colors. My favorite colors are green and purple, I have bright green polka-dot shoes, my volleyball is red and white, my room is the color blue, my bedspread is bright orange, and my blanket is hot pink! I guess dad was right when he said I liked bright colors!

I didn't find any 'That's the one!' crayon pictures, so I'll keep searching for that 'perfect header' photo, but for now, I'll stick with the roller coaster!

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