November 19, 2008

My favorite four year old!

I was searching through my pictures on my computer and i found ones of when Joelle was little! I wanted to share them, so here we go!

Joelle Grace was born on October 28, 2004.

My dad holding Joelle on the day she came home!

Joelle helped us get our Christmas tree!

Matching dress and blanket... how cute!

BIG puppy!

She won't be waking up for a while...

This is a doll bed, made for American Girl Dolls. She fit perfectly!

Take a look at those dimples!

What are you thinking about???

Do not worry! She is laughing!

I was attempting to do a photo shoot for a 8 month old. Outside.

I wish she still had those curly pigtails!

Lesson of the day: When you're tired, go to grandpa.

And mom!

I... can't... move!

Now, wait a minute! That's not your bed missy!

Boy, am I glad she has a big girl bed now!

PLEASE don't fall!!!

Haha! Talk about looking over her shoulder!

This is how she looks now:

Joelle! You grow up to fast! I love you!

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Joelle November 19, 2008 at 8:12 PM  

Hey Emily! Thanks for dropping by with a comment. Your blog is so pretty! And your sister is adorable! I will totally stop by again.

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