January 30, 2009

Am I thinking about Summer already???

Hmm, I just might be :) Yesterday, Mom helped (More like, did EVERYTHING! :) me make a flip-flop pillow. Yes, you heard right. A flip-flop pillow. I saw one of these in Ragtime Fabrics and I wanted to get the pattern, but Mom, being the sewing expert she is, told me that she could figure it out without the pattern. So, we saved a couple of bucks there :) I think it turned out WONDERFUL!

What do you think? No, the colors don't really match my room, but it's what you call a POPPING color!

My homeschool co-op has a mini society class. We have to decide on our societies name, currency, our jobs, what we get paid for each job, and EVERYTHING else you can think of that goes along the mini society line! I actually came up with the name for our society. Are you ready for this one?

No, are you REALLY ready?

O.K., here it is: Shaboofalaquanda. Obviously, this isn't really a word because my spell check is flashing in red telling me 'HA! YOU are WRONG!'. But, then again, it says I'm wrong when I spell 'isn't'. So blogger is never entirely accurate. ANYWAY... yes, our societies name is Shaboofalaquanda. And then (Yes, it gets even STRANGER!) our currency is (And I came up with this one two) Surfboards. You'd think that with 24 other people in the class, somebody would have come up with something better than Shaboofalaquanda and Surfboards! So, now we have to figure out our jobs. We have our 'Civil Servants' (Wow. Original.). Those Civil Servants have the jobs of 'Treasurer', 'Paymaster', and 'Money Cutter'. Today, we had 'job applications' for those people who wanted wanted to be one of those three. Since I don't want to be ANYTHING except own a business and make a couple extra bucks, I am one of the interviewers. Ha! That's gonna be a fun job! :) The people wanting to be a Treasurer have to take a math test (THAT is why I didn't want to be a treasurer :). The people wanting to be a Paymaster must do... something that I can't remember :). The people who want to be a Money Cutter has to cut out intricate little shapes to 'prove' that they can cut money very nicely (Ooh boy! When do I sign up??? :). We also figured out there pay today. The Treasurer only has to do his/her job like, 5 times. We decided that they would get paid $15 each time they do their job. Oh, and everyone gets $10 every week (Every day we meet, which is once a week.). So, 15 + 10 = 25. So the Treasurer gets paid $25 when he/she does his/her job. Make sense? The Paymaster has to do his/her job EVERY week, so they should get paid less than the treasurer because if they got paid like $25 dollars every week, we would have to add $10 to that, so that's $35 PER WEEK that the Paymaster gets paid. We did NOT want to do that! So we settled on $10 for Paymaster. Next is the Money Cutter. They only do their job like 2 or 3 times, so we decided that the Money Cutter would get paid $1 per sheet. So, if he/she cut 50 sheets, he/she would get $50. I decided, that since this is my first year in co-op, that I would just go along, maybe not be SO outgoing with what I do. So, I'm teaming up with my friend, Rebecca (If that's o.k. with my teacher :), and I'm gonna have my own little booth to sell homemade stuff. So far, this mini society has been fun! I think it'll only get better as the year progresses. We'll be doing more stuff: having Market Days, hopefully having sleepovers with certain partners to 'discuss' our projects, and make money! It's fun to step out into the 'real world' and know what it's like to actually have to buy the paper you need! You can't go downstairs and pull open a drawer and find gleaming white paper smiling up at you. Nope. You need to buy everything you need. I guess it helps prepare us for what life will be like in the future. I know that in the society I will live in (When I get older) will not be named Shaboofalaquanda and have Surfboards as our currency, but right now, in 7th grade, it sure is fun to pretend!

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Amy January 30, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

Hi Emily! (Can I call you Em???)
That mini society sounds fun! So do you get paid (example) $10 in surfboards??? :-) LOL!

I love your flip-flop pillow! I'll have to make one myself! I don't think I have enough fabric to make one that big... I'll make a mini one to start out. If you'd like, I'll let you know how it goes.

Have you ever had pink/purple stripes across your images? (from your camera) It means that your camera is getting old and is going to die sometime soon.. (hopefully not too soon...) Mine is doing that, so I'm hoping that when it does die, I'll somehow get another good one for either very very cheap, or free. :-) We all like free stuff! LOL!

Davene February 1, 2009 at 10:25 PM  

Very cute pillow! I REALLY like the fabric.

I saw that email about the Mini Society name and currency, but I didn't realize YOU were the mastermind behind it! :)

bekahcubed February 2, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

Oooo--I am sooo envious of your homeschool co-op.

A mini society?

How cool.

I always dreamed of doing something like that--but I dreamt all on my lonesome. It's fun that you get to participate with a collection of other homeschoolers!

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