March 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Sunshine,

Hi! Thanks for finally peeking out today! I've missed you this week! It would have been a very depressing start for Spring if you hadn't shown up. Thanks to you, we have some flowers popping out of the ground! Maybe by next week, we'll have lot's in full bloom.

It's exciting to feel some sort of warmth! The sky is a bright blue with some cotton balls floating in the sky. Outside, the grass is getting greener and flowers are slowly shooting up! Joelle and I will be excited to go outside and play!

I must say, today is still sort of chilly. I imagined the first day of Spring to be filled with warmth, sunshine (Which we got!), and flowers. It's mostly cold, sunny, and little sprouts. I don't know what I was really expecting last night when I went to bed, but when I woke up cold, it just didn't feel like Spring. It is nicer though, to say, "It's warm and sunny!" than, "It's cold and cloudy". Hopefully, it will get much warmer before my birthday!

I've been wearing flip flops, capris and short sleeved shirts for the past couple of days. Maybe if I dress like it's Spring, it will finally feel like! What do you think, Mr. Sunshine? Why is it that you can be shining brightly, yet it feels like a cloudy day? Why is it so windy today? The wind whips my hair around my face and makes me even colder! Surely you could get me the answers, Mr. Sunshine!

I have another question for you, Mr. Sunshine. Are you good friends with Mr. Rain? Yesterday, we had a slow, rain going all day, but not enough to really notice. I would really like some rain! Not a cold, hard rain, but a warm, Spring rain! There's a definite difference between Winter rains and Spring rains, don't you think Mr. Sunshine? I guess you're not around Mr. Rain very much, but do you suppose you could ask him for some rain? I would appreciate it!

Thanks again, Mr. Sunshine, for coming out! Feel free to stay for a while forever!

Hugs and Kisses,

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Anonymous March 20, 2009 at 4:24 PM  

Haha, good idea! :)
Yeah, you heard her, Mr. Sunshine! What are you going to do about it!?

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