June 2, 2009

Adventures in Sandland: Deserted Desert

Benji: Hi! My name is Benji and this is...
Matt: Matt. Welcome to the Deserted Desert!
Benji: As you can tell by the name, it is quite deserted. Other than our sister,
Matt: Rose.
Benji: Right, we are the only children. It can get very lonely!
Matt: You bet! At least I always have Benji to play with! 'Cause we're twins, right Benji?
Benji: Yeah. Well, why are we standing here blabbering? We have visitors! Mrs. Hinkley will want to know.
Matt: Come on! We'll give you the Grand Tour! We practically live in a ghost town, so we know everything there is to know about the Deserted Desert!

Benji: Well, here we are in the Market Square...

Matt: But there hasn't been a market day since 1996, according to Sheriff Mackleroy.
Benji: Hey! There he is now!
Matt: Be careful around him! He can be kind of grumpy...
Sheriff Mackleroy: What's that sonny?
Matt: Oh, nothing sir...
Sheriff Mackleroy: You boys haven't been getting yourselves in trouble, have you?
Benji: Oh, no sir! We're just showing our visitor around.
Sheriff Mackleroy: What? Oh, yeah. O.K., just see that you say out of trouble.
Matt: Whew! I'm glad Mr. Grumpy Gills is gone!
Benji: Aww, come one Matt! Be nice to him. He just hasn't had anything to do since, well, a long time ago! He's just lookin' for something to do.
Matt: Oh, alright. But look! We're here at the Great Wizard's Ball!
Benji: But of course, we don't believe in sorcery or magic. But it
is pretty to look at!

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Our Grandpa tells us that the great Wizard Balden came to Deserted Desert over 50 years ago! He placed this 'magic' ball here for all of us! He said it was to bring us good fortune...
Benji: Which we obviously had lots of :) The 'good fortune' brought us a ghost town, 2-3 visitors per year, no pets, lots of tumbleweeds, nothing to do, and no money! Come on, lets keep on going.

Matt: Oh boy, here we are at Mrs. Hinkley's house.
Benji: Come on, she'll want to meet our guest.
Matt: Umm, I think I'll stay here...
Benji: Ugh! Come on Matt! Let's go!
Matt: Legend has it that Mrs. Hinkley has a thousand cats!
Benji: And we all know that isn't true!
Matt: But legend has it...
Benji: Would you forget all those 'legends'!!! Come on. We're ALL going into Mrs. Hinkley's house, whether you like it or not!
Matt: Oh, alright.

(Rings Doorbell)

Benji: Well, hello Mrs. Hinkley!
Mrs. Hinkley: Hello Benji! Hello Matthew.
Matt: Hello Mrs. Hinkley.
Mrs. Hinkley: And who is this friend of yours?
Benji: This is our guest from Metro Bay!
Mrs. Hinkley: My my! All the way from Metro Bay are you? A long way from home, aye?
Matt: Yes, Mrs. Hinkley. Metro Bay. And we'd best be gettin' along, right Benji?
Benji: Of course not! We haven't even shown our guest Mrs. Hinkley's museum!
Mrs. Hinkley: It's most famous! You wouldn't want to miss that, now would you Matthew?
Matt: Of course not Mrs. Hinkley.
Mrs. Hinkley: Good! I'll lead the way! Ah! Here we are. Exhibit number one...

Matt: Can we PLEASE leave now, Benji? I've only seen Mrs. Hinkley's museum a thousand times!
Benji: Oh, alright.
Matt: Besides, we still have lot's more to show our guest!
Benji: Alright.
Benji: Well, Mrs. Hinkley! Thank you for showing us around your wonderful museum. Although, I'm afraid we must be going now.
Mrs. Hinkley: Oh! Must you go? I have tea and cookies!
Matt: Cookies?
Benji: Matt... Yes, I'm sorry we must rush off, but there is so much more to see in the wonderful, umm, ghost town.
Mrs. Hinkley: I do understand. But come again soon!
Benji: Of course! Maybe Matt and I can come again tomorrow...
Matt: BENJI!
Benji: for some tea and cookies!
Matt: See you tomorrow Mrs. Hinkley!
Mrs. Hinkley: Good-bye children!

Matt: Hey Benji! It's really hot today, can we go swimming?
Benji: I don't see why not! Let's stop by the house and get our swim suits.
Matt: Hey, there's Mr. Mink! Hi Mr. Mink!!!
Mr. Mink: Hello Matt. Hi Benji.
Benji: How's your store going?
Mr. Mink: Not so good. Haven't had a customer all day.
Matt: Oh, sorry to hear that.
Mr. Mink: Oh, that's alright. I should've known that owning a gas station in a ghost town would be a bad idea :)

Benji: Well, we need to keep going. Hope business picks up for you!
Mr. Mink. Yeah, thanks.
Matt: Mr Mink sure was grumpy today.
Benji: You would be too if you hadn't made a sale since April.

Matt: Finally! We're here!

Benji: We should probably invite Rose to come too.
Matt. Yeah, O.K.
Benji: ROSE!!!
Rose: Coming!
Benji: Hiya Rose! Want to come swimming with Matt and I?
Rose: Eww! Not in the public pool!
Benji: What, you know of another pool?
Rose: Humph! I still don't want to go!
Benji: Suit yourself!
Matt: O.K., we're all ready to go!
Benji: Alright! Let's go!

Matt: I sure hope the pools even open!
Benji: Oh, of course it is! It's always open during the summer!
Matt: Hey, look! It's the old train!

Benji: That train hasn't moved for over 12 years! Hey, here we are!
Matt: Good! It is open!

Benji: Sorry about the water, I know it looks really bad, but at least it cools you off!
Matt: What? Oh, you have to leave. That's O.K. Well, see you next time!
Benji: Yeah! Thanks for visiting!!! Bye!

Haha, post # 2.

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Your blog is so cute! Did you make it?


Elizabeth J. June 3, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

That's very amusing.=) I always liked building things in the sand.

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