June 19, 2009

Interesting and Funny

Yes I know, a very nice post title, but really, what I'm about to post about is interesting and funny! At least, I think so :) So since 'Interesting' was first in the title, I'll do that first (Technical aren't I?). So now I'll stop blubbering and get to the good stuff :)

The Worlds Deepest Pool

It's VERY deep. Wanna guess how deep?

The large circular pit is 108 ft deep.

As you can see, the Nemo 33 is very spacious and roomy! Not some cramped, long pool.

Of course, the Nemo 33 is only for scuba divers! And here's another interesting fact: the deepest part in the ocean is called the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench and it is 35,840 feet! The Nemo 33 pit is only 108 ft deep, but still!!!

The pool we go to in the summer is only 8 ft deep, so the Nemo 33 is 100 ft deeper than what I'm used to! When I go to touch the bottom of the pool, I find I need air really soon (Duh!), so I push off and try to get air as fast as I can. Now I know these people are professionals and have scuba gear, but just think; touching the bottom of the 108 ft deep pool, and coming back up! I think it's impossible, right?

These pictures are courtesy of this site. Here is an excerpt from the site:

"Nemo 33 is a recreational diving center in Belgium that is home to the world’s deepest swimming pool. The pool has two large areas that are 16 ft and 32 ft deep, and a large circular pit that’s 108 ft deep. Filled with non-chlorinated, spring water maintained at 86°F, it’s also got several man-made underwater caves and some windows that allow outside visitors to watch."

Isn't that weird about the windows? We had one of those in a local pool (I don't know if we still do or not), and it was neat to look through! This next picture has a good look at some of the windows:

It would be kind of freaky, and I don't think I would do that, but these pictures are awesome! I would be afraid something would reach out and grab me in that pit :)

I think one of the coolest things is the caves! That would be so cool!

I think this pool is absolutely amazing! What do you all think?


We don't get the local newspaper, but sometimes Dad brings it home from work. I like to read the comics, and sometimes I read them online. I found two the other day that I loved!!!

From Pickles:

From Pearls Before Swine:

You HAVE to read these, or else my buds from the secret service might have to come down and have a 'talk' with you... :) Anyway, do you get the Pearls Before Swine one? AHAHAHAHA!!! It's hilarious!!! "So if at 'FARCE' I don't suck seed, try dry again?" Hehe :) Translation: "So if at first I don't succeed, try try again"! Whew, *wipes tears away* the Pickles one was great too :)

Last day of VBS, part of me is happy, because it's not easy working with a bunch of pre-k kids. It was fun, but there were some bad parts too. Stuff I won't mention on THE BLOG, but otherwise, VBS was a lot of fun! Joelle's favorite class was crafts, and it was probably my fav. class too :) It kept the kids busy! Yesterday, the kids made lip balm, and it looked, umm, delicious! But of course, you don't say to a 5 year old, "EWWW!!! You put that stuff on your LIPS?!?!". No. You smile and say, "That looks great! You did a wonderful job!" :) I had to do that a couple times :) Tonight is not really a VBS day, but it's the program. My job now is to convince Joelle to go up and sing! For some reason, she doesn't like being up in front of... people. I've tried telling her that Dad is coming to see HER and would be dissapointed if he didn't see her. Nope, nothing will work. What's that you say? Nope, tried that too.

Gilbert. We told her, but she won't believe us. Conversation between Joelle and I:

Me: Joelle, Gilbert is dead.
Joelle: No he's not!
Me: Then where is he?
Joelle: I don't know.
Me: But Dad buried him last night!
Joelle: No he didn't!
Me: Umm, yes he did!
Joelle: Uh-uh.
Me: Uh- HUH! See? He's not in his bowl!
Joelle: So?
Me: If he's not in his bowl, where is he?
Joelle: In a cup.
Me: A cup?
Joelle: Yeah, like the one you use when you clean his bowl!
Me: UGH!!! He's NOT in a cup either!
Joelle: Then where is he?
Me: ARG!!!

That's pretty much how it goes :) I need to go now, so thanks for sticking with me for this fun/wacky/interesting/weird post! Until next time!!!

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Melissa June 19, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

Thats cool! Thanks for the advice on the link, It still does not work though. Oh well.

Have a great day!


vickychick June 19, 2009 at 6:48 PM  

HAHA! The jokes were really funny! That pool is really deep, I would like to scuba dive in it! :D

Anonymous June 19, 2009 at 8:10 PM  

I'd LOVE to swim in that pool! You know, I'd like to study Marine Biology, and so I'll have to learn scuba-diving, and wow, I'd sure love to try out that swimming pool!! :D But isn't the pressure terribly high down there? :O
And the jokes... I had such a laugh!! :D Thanks for this way funny post. But it's too bad Joelle doesn't believe Gilbert is dead... :S

Travel and Diving June 20, 2009 at 4:38 AM  

How much water is in this pool?? Incredible!

Elizabeth J. June 24, 2009 at 7:54 AM  

That is one deep pool, I don't think I would want to go swimming in it!

Hannah June 24, 2009 at 7:00 PM  

That's cool (and a little eerie) about the pool!

LOL, loving the comics! Those strips are awesome. :D


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