August 2, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Can you guess what my post will be about today? Yay! You guessed it! Being busy all day long! I tell you, it makes for a very long day. Shopping, shopping, shopping. Early this afternoon, we (Us girls) decided to go shopping. A perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Apparently everyone else in Harrisonburg decided the same thing! I must have said "Excuse me", or "Sorry!" a million times! Later, we decided to meet my dad at Cici's to eat supper. Around 6:00, we were finally ready to eat. After supper, Katie, Jenny, Joelle and I decided to go into the arcade to buy rings. We found out that the rings were definitely not as cool as the little plastic farm animals!
(Keyword: Plastic) At first , 25 cents sounded like a bargain, but once we got around to Target... Let's just say that I got about 4 little animals (All adding up to $1.00) and I wanted some one dollar silly string. Anyway, I learned a lesson and I got 2 pairs of some really cool jeans for only $37.00. I'll be using the jeans more than the animals anyway. I already gave them to Joelle.

(P.S. I got 2 monkeys, a pig and a turtle at the arcade! I must say they are adorable!)


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Davene August 2, 2008 at 11:11 PM  

I was glad to stay home and avoid town today, but I heard that it was crazy in there. Glad you survived. :)

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