September 24, 2008


Last night, Jenny had a volleyball game down at Grace Christian School. Mom, Dad, Joelle and I hiked (Well, not really) on down. I was thinking ahead, and decided to bring along the camera. Our camera isn't one of those fancy-smanshy cameras, all we have is a normal camera that takes pictures and no-sound videos. That's it (Actually, the link is the exact same camera we have! :). Even though it isn't that high-tech, I got some good shots. Just letting you know ahead of time, Jenny is #9.

She's goin' up for a kill...

A girl that was on the JV team sang the National Anthem (Jenny's on Varsity). This is a pic of all the players on the team holding hands while facing the flag.

See the short girl in the white jersey? That's a girl who used to go to school with Jenny (I'm taller than her!).

The one who is jumping, getting ready to kill the ball, her name is Leah. She can jump REALLY high!

This is Kaitlyn. She is Jenny's good friend. I got a pic of everyone serving. I think I got twenty pics of Kaitlyn because she had like 15 in a row!

The star of this post... Jenny!

Unfortunately, we lost. Varsity plays best out of 5. We lost the first, second and third. Grace is undefeated, but I think we could have beaten them if we had REALLY tried. That's all for now! See ya!

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