September 22, 2008

Fun video

I had NO idea what else to write about, so I guess I'll post some videos. I've been meaning to do it at some point, but I had so many other things swirling around in my mind. I haven't been keeping up with my e-mail, so when I checked it this afternoon, I had 31 messages! 31! Here's one that was e-mailed to me:

Isn't it cool? ************************************
Hedge of Protection


Corporate Worship Songs

Tim Hawkins on Products

I like the 'corporate worship songs'!

This is funny too! It's called 'Good, clean bathroom joke'!

I just found this one! It's Einstein the amazing bird!

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Davene October 3, 2008 at 3:19 PM  

That bathroom one cracked me up! Can you imagine??? How embarrassing! :)

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