October 24, 2008

First of all, I'm a tad frustrated at this 'scrapblog' thing. I admit, it's an amazing site, but I've been trying to come up with this header for my blog. They have so many options of what you can do! It's very overwhelming. I can never find just the right one. None of them are 'it'. Here's a few of them:

There are 3 of them on the picture, just click the arrows to go to the next one. The second one was just a random idea... I wasn't considering that one.

I have no idea which one I should do! Can you sense my frustration?

My second frustration is my blog. The scenery around my house is so beautiful in the fall, that I have to take pictures! And then when I take a good picture, I need to post it in my blog! I really hope you all aren't tired of looking at fall pictures! You'll be seeing more of them today! I'll try to find something more interesting to post!

All that out of the way, here are more pictures of scenery.

I got lot's of pictures of Joelle. This one was my favorite! At least this isn't her 'fake smile'! The one above is a really sweet face too!

I got 12 shots of Joelle and me together! My hair is flippy, so when I would take the picture, my hair would curl around her face! Sort of like this one.

That is what Joelle looks like with short, blonde hair! I don't particularly like the one above, but it was a good one with my flippy hair. I like this one though!

Except for that piece of hair in my mouth :)



Sisters! We love each other!

See ya next time!

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Emily October 24, 2008 at 8:52 PM  

Wow! That was horrible! The pictures from scrapblog don't show up and the link to scrapblog won't show up! Wow! Here it is: www.scrapblog.com

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