October 27, 2008

Tour My House Monday: Living Room

Let me explain.

You all know, that today is not Tuesday. So, why am I making a 'Tour My House Tuesday' on a Monday? Because tomorrow is JOELLE'S BIRTHDAY! I can't have a tour on something so exciting as that, can I? Of course not! Tomorrow I will blog (Or the next day) about her turning 4. So on todays Tour My House Monday, I will show you the Living Room!

Sorry if the picture is dark. Anyway, I took this picture from our hallway looking in. We have a sofa, a la-Z-boy chair (Dad's chair), and an armchair (Mom's chair). Part of the living room is carpet and the other half is wood. We have the TV and the piano (No, not a grand piano, although I would love to have one :) on the wood part, and all the chairs on the carpet.

Piano please!

Thank you. As I said, it's no Grand Piano, but it still works! To tell you the truth, I like it better than the electric keyboard downstairs! I like it better because it has bigger keys than the electric piano. Next, on the wood floor, is our TV console cabinet.

Not much to say about this piece of furniture, except that it is VERY heavy!

And now we are moving on to the carpet section.

This is Mom's armchair. She picked out the fabric, and the style.

When you push against the chair, it folds back. Ahh! Very comfortable!

This is Dad's La-Z-Boy. It is leather. Oooh!

Doesn't it look nice?

This is the Big Comfy Couch! The only thing is, you can't pull every gadget and gizmo out of it!

Wow! This camera isn't doing so well! It's very dark and blurry. In case you can't see, there are two pillows and a black afgan. The sofa is a tannish color with little specks of red, blue, yellow and purple.

This is our window. Before we bought this house, there was no window, so my uncle (Who is coincidentally a builder) busted a hole in our kitchen. Now, when we are sitting at the breakfast table, the morning sun pours in through the little window in the wall!

Notice the nice little flower pots I showed you in an earlier post?

Here are a few little doo-dads around the living room.

Plant in the corner...

Here's something that two ladies from our church made. Isn't it pretty?

That's all for today! Check back later for pics of Joelle's 4th birthday!

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Davene November 1, 2008 at 3:31 PM  

You all have changed things around since we were there! The piano, for one, is in a different place.

It looks nice!

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