October 22, 2008

Fifi the Poodle

Today Mom, Katie, Me and Joelle went out to town. We went to Old navy and we found an adorable costume! We had seen it earlier, but it was $22.50. Then it went on sale for $15.00. Finally, it went on a VERY good sale! Half price! Only $11.50! I agreed to pay for half of it (One of my birthday gifts for Joelle, which by the way, is in 6 days!).

Instead of Halloween at our church, we have a hallelujah party. Kids dress up and we give out candy and take hayrides. There are made up games (Such as a box tunnel/maze, icing cookies and eating them, making tin can luminaries, sometimes face painting, scavenger hunts...) too. Joelle will wear her new poodle costume this year. I hope she doesn't wear it out before then!

Here are some more pictures/videos of her in her costume!

This is how the 'paws' stay on. There are little straps so she can put her hands through! Isn't that neat? That's how it is with her feet too!

This will keep her warm at the hallelujah party! She asked me if she could wear it to bed. No!!!

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Davene November 1, 2008 at 3:25 PM  

So adorable! That video cracks me up. :)

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