October 11, 2008

This is NOT fall

What is this weather??? This is not the beginning-of-fall weather! This is beginning-of-spring weather! I like this weather too, so today I got out the trusty-dusty camera and snapped away!

Before I show my pictures, I thought you might be interested to know that tomorrow, we (my family) are going up to a cabin in the woods in the afternoon. Why? The Mumaws (they're in our small group from church) own a cabin, and us, Floyd and Janet Blosser, Kevin and Sandy Byler, Jim and Michelle Mumaw (of course), Gary and Jewel Yoder, and all of their kids are going to be there. I'll try to remember to take along the camera and get some good pictures!

Like I was saying, the weather today did not resemble fall in any way (except the leaves on the trees). I got some good pictures and wanted to share them with you!

This one was taken from Joelle's tree house looking up through the willow branches.

I thought this tree was just like a picture painted on a blue canvas. The sky has no white cloud marks (although those are pretty too). It is perfectly blue!

This picture was an accident. It's a very pretty accident! I was leaning back in the swing, and I snapped a picture of this tree limb. I loved it!

I don't know if you see it, but to me it looks like an angel's wing.

Now for pictures of Joelle swinging!

This isn't the best picture because it isn't close up.

For some odd reason, she just didn't want to smile :)

Now she wants to smile! This is a bad picture too, but I had to put it in because of her funny face!

Up, up, up!

Shadows of the swing set...

One lonely little tree with orange leaves.

Maybe if you enlarge the photo you will be able to see some of the color in the trees in the hill.

The temperature today was in the 80's. At least it isn't in the 100's like it is in Arizona.

This is silly:

See what I mean? :) The cows name is Moochalatte (in case you wondered).

And one last thing:

This is our (girls) bathroom. Today Katie added swirls to the sky blue walls.

Here's a close up view of one of the swirls (I picked out the sponge, and I made this print! Exciting isn't it?).

That's all for today!


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Davene October 12, 2008 at 3:27 PM  

I'm sure you're having a blast at the cabin right now. That's a fun group of people! :)

Great pics...and I know what you mean about the weather. I can't figure out how to dress because even though it's chilly in the morning, it warms up so much that I'm sweating by afternoon!

I like the new swirls in your bathroom!

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