October 14, 2008

A moment of peace in an anything but peaceful world

If anything makes me just want to sit down and relax, it's being in the woods! Here is my adventure in the woods this past Sunday!

First of all, NEVER try to crochet while you are going up, up, up a mountain! It will make you VERY carsick (I envy all of you who don't get carsick).

Second, if the car would have been moving a little slower, I might have captured the pure loveliness of the trees all smashed together on a mountain! I think it might be prettier than when ALL the leaves are orange, yellow and red. Here's a taste of what I saw:

As I have said in many previous posts (And I will say it again), if you would simply enlarge the pic, you might be able to see the picture for what it's worth.

If there's one thing I learned that afternoon, is that pictures simply can't even begin to show you what something looks like when you are actually seeing it with your own eyes. The picture above just doesn't do justice to the wonder of fall.

Next picture please!

Thank you.

I hope you can see it. It's a BIG bear that Jim Mumaw shot from a bedroom window of his cabin. You can see part of the deer heads beside it.

Don't worry, he's stuffed! I probably didn't scare you, but it sure scared me! I even named him! His name is Bill. Good name, huh? :)

He isn't shy of being scary himself! His name is Bob (Get it? 'Bob' the 'Bob'cat? Dad came up with that one! :)

Here are some more pictures of the scenery. I never realized how beautiful everything is when you're up really high looking down on everything! Again, keep in mind that these pictures can't really capture what I saw.

I thought of this photo as a frame. See the darkened trees and then the beautiful mountain of colors?

Does this picture remind you of another? It reminded me of the picture I took by accident! Click this link to see the BIG picture (No kidding). I didn't take this one by accident though!

These next couple of pictures I'm not gonna put any captions. Just Pictures!

Yes, yes, I know. I'm a horrible person. Oh well, I just HAD to make a caption for this one!

Aren't the leaves pretty? I LOVE this picture with the sun shining through, and the leaves reflecting a little bit of brilliance! The leaves at our house haven't turned as much as these, but oh! I'm counting down the days!

As with almost all of my posts, here's Joelle! Cutest 3 yr. old, here she comes!

This is a funny shot of 'Joelle in Motion'! A friend and I, Sara Byler, took a walk with Joelle (Which was when I got so many of the wonderful pictures). We stuck to a path which was covered with sand, and when we took a step, we left footprints. Joelle was delighted! Little things please us. We called them, 'Josie Tracks'. We made lot's of 'em along the way (Which by the way, that has nothing to do with the picture except for the part about the sand)! Buried in the sand, were lot's of little rocks. We would have contests to see who could through the rocks the furthest. We were glad for the sand (Even if it did get in our shoes) because it would mark where our rock landed. It made it more accurate :) The picture is one of Joelle winding up to throw her rock REALLY far (Probably about 5 ft.!)!


Are you ready for lot's of pictures (Which by the way, My little scrolling bar on the side of my post is getting thinner and thinner!)? Here we go!

My favorites are the last couple. The ones with the sparks. I'm still amazed that our slow camera caught that!

One of the highlights of the evening, was the stick bread! If you've never had it before, you are seriously missing out on something REALLY good! If you have had stick bread before, ISN'T IT WONDERFUL??? I usually make mine pretty good (Meaning not doughy on the inside), but the one I made on Sunday wasn't nearly as good as some others. It was still a little doughy, but all the stuff I put in it was delish! I had apple butter, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, apple pie filling and cherry pie filling! Not fattening at all, right?

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Davene October 19, 2008 at 9:50 PM  

Wow! Does this get the prize for most pictures in a post? :)

What beautiful scenery; thanks for sharing it!

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