November 17, 2008

Exactly how many computers do we have?

Yes, well, maybe, just maybe, we have, umm, 4?

You may be thinking: Why would anyone need 4 computers?

Answer: We have 6 people in our family, and 3 of them are over 18.

Of course, I have that old computer (I guess it's better than nothing, right?), Jenny has 'her' laptop (It's actually mom's, but she doesn't use it anymore because...), Mom has her computer which she generously shares with dad, and Katie has her laptop which she got for Christmas or her birthday (It's one of those holidays :).

This one is mine:

This is Jenny's:

This is Mom's:

And this is Katie's:

So how many computers do we have? 4. Yes, 4.

And on another note (It's impossible for me to make a post with just one subject, isn't it?)...

IT SNOWED! YES! IT REALLY, TRULY SNOWED! What? No, it didn't stick, but IT SNOWED!

Yes, I did go get my camera, and yes, I did stand outside in the freezing cold to get a few pictures of the snow for my fellow bloggers to see. Enjoy them! :)

You were wondering where she was, weren't you? This little lady finds her way onto almost all my blog posts!

Yeah, now don't try to act all innocent on me, young lady! You know what you're doin', sneaking onto my blog posts! (Wasn't she adorable when she was little??? Oops, i mean, she still is cute!!!)

Da-da-da-DA! My beautiful pink fuzzy slippers! They survived the cold!

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