December 2, 2008

The Horn

Hmm, perhaps not all the pieces have a 'special' meaning. In the back of Mom's bible, there is a Index to Subjects. I looked back there and I couldn't find anything. I searched under Horn(s) and bugles. I asked Mom if she knew of any Christmas meaning for the horn. The only thing she could think of (She was put on the spot :) was maybe Gabriel's horn? If you have any other ideas of what it could mean, you can leave a comment if you want.

What happens when you teach a four year old how to play Life

I'm just kidding! She did really well for her first time! This was the main attraction:

Joelle's car was yellow and mine was green.

Well, we were sort of cheating, so I ended up with 7 kids :) I had to add a white car!

Joelle was a Superstar, she had a salary of $70,000 and she lived in a commodious (That's one of my vocab words!) Tudor. I was a Salesperson (Woo-hoo!), had a salary of $100,000 (Now that's something to be excited about!), and lived in a smelly farmhouse! Joelle had 3 kids and I had 7. We never did 'finish', so I never counted up all the money, but it was obvious that I'd won!

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Julie December 3, 2008 at 7:52 AM  

Way to use "commodious" in real life!!! Thanks for playing with Joelle so I could do some sewing.
I love you,

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