January 16, 2009

Who would want to eat this?

Apparently my science class! I wasn't sure if anyone would want to eat a cake shaped like a cell. But, I guess so! Before I left for my homeschool co-op this morning, Joelle told me that I had to save her a piece. I wanted a piece myself, so I just told the class not to eat it :) Ha! So my class didn't actually get to eat it, but I know they wanted it! It was pretty good too! I didn't think it wouldn't be, but I wasn't sure if the look would be non-appetizing. I mean, I didn't know if anyone would really want to eat the Mitochondria and the Golgi Apparatus'! It really didn't sound too yummy. But it was! Yum yum yum!


WHERE IS THE SNOW?????!!!!! This morning on the way to co-op, the temperature was 5 degrees! Now, I'm all for Winter-time, but where is the snow??? I hope we get at least one good snow before Mr. Spring-time is upon us! Maybe I should just go up to Buffalo for a while to get that Winter feel! Oh, what I would do for 3 feet of snow! Maybe I should buy one of those snow makers and put it in my backyard!

Let's see, how much would one of these cost? MORE THAN I HAVE! Oh well, I can dream can't I?

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