February 21, 2009

Sunglasses project

I got this book at the library this week. It has ALL kinds of cool crafts to do! One of the MANY projects was creating sunglasses barrettes. I thought it looked really cute, so I tried it out! This is the finished product:

Sorry it's sort of a bad pic, but she wasn't in the mood for pictures :) So that's roughly what it looks like! If anyone's interested in making some of these, here are the directions:

What you'll need:

~Inexpensive sunglasses
~Tiny screwdriver, if needed
~Thick white crafts glue (And I'm adding this one: to attach the barrette, you might want some hot glue :)
~Assorted beads
~Fun-shaped buttons
~Barrette back


Remove the sides of the sunglasses. Use a tiny screwdriver or pop them off.

Sand the back of the sunglasses slightly with the sandpaper to roughen the plastic. This will make the barrette back stick to the sunglasses better.

Glue beads and buttons across the top of the glasses. Let the glue dry. Glue the barrette back to the sunglasses.

That's it! When Mom and Joelle went to Red Front, Mom said that Joelle got lot's of compliments on her barrette! So that's today's crafty lesson! Have a great day!

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Laney February 21, 2009 at 6:47 PM  

That is SO cute! I absolutely LOVE it! I am definitely going to have to make these barrettes sometime! They would make really good gifts, too! Thanks for sharing instructions! Have a blessed weekend!


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