April 19, 2009

Simple Sunday - Baby Animals




~ thankful for all the little baby animals, all of them are so cute! Our neighbor, Jewel, let us come up this afternoon to see her new baby animals! Even though it was threatening rain, it didn't rain and I got some good pictures :)

#1: This is Jewel's newest baby goat! I don't believe she named it yet (He? She? IT???).
#2: Awww! The tiny little kittens and their mother! This was my favorite part because Jewel is giving them away and I am trying to convince Dad to let me have one :) I think it's working, too!!! The one I want is the one you can see best. He's white with a black stripe down his back. He looks like a skunk!
#3: The kittens mother, Mousy, after Mussolini! I think he looks more like Hitler...
#4: All of the kittens and their mother.

I think everyone knows I want a dog, but they are a lot of work! You have to train them, they bark, are messy, and other stuff too. And besides, Dad said no. So that ideas out :) So if I can't have a dog, I might as well settle for a kitty! Mom's on my side too :) It looks like I might get a kitten! Yay! Now I'll have something else to photograph :) Wait a minute, I'd better not get my hopes up too high. I can still hope though :) I'll give you more info later. Have a great Sunday!!!

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And another thing: this morning Mom was making eggs for breakfast and when she cracked open the eggs this is what she found:

SIX double yokers (Did I spell that right???)! We got 12 yokes out of it! So far, all of the eggs out of the carton have been double yokers! I think we got them from Davene, but I'm not sure. I just thought it was cool...


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Rachel and Jessica April 20, 2009 at 8:32 AM  

Hi Emily! That baby goat is just the cutest little thing! He is so sweet! I hope you can get the baby kitten, it's just precious! =:) Wow! All double yokes! That is amazing! I rarely see one double yoked egg let alone a whole carton of them! =:D Thanks for sharing all the pictures!


Davene April 21, 2009 at 11:17 PM  

Baby animals sure are fun. I agree that the baby goat is very cute; Jeff would like goats...I'm not sold on the idea though. :)

I hope you get your kitten. Would it be an indoor or outdoor cat?

About the eggs...I think those must be the ones you got from your grandpa. I don't know for sure, but it seems really strange that you would get double yolk eggs from us, when I've never cracked open a double yolk one from any of our chickens. Of course, truth is stranger than fiction, as they say. :) But I know your mom mentioned getting some eggs from her dad recently, so I wonder if those might be from that batch.

If our chickens are ever successful in hatching chicks, you'll have to come over and see them sometime. :)

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