April 11, 2009

This is just too fun NOT to post!

I found this on another girl's blog, but I can't remember who's, so if it's you, leave a comment so I can thank you! This was SO cool! It is called a Human Calendar. Here is a picture of one day's calendar:

This is an example of January 4, 2008. It took me a little while to figure out what everyone was looking at :) Duh! I felt a little stupid after that :) I thought it was all so cool! I would've posted a picture of today's calender, but it wouldn't upload it, only this one. Click on the photo to make it bigger. Oh! Almost forgot! Here is the link to the site! Definitely something to check out :) They even have a portable calender which just shows the day, month, year and day of the week that you can put on your blog!

And don't forget to go to my test blog and leave a comment on the post below! I want to know if I should change my layout or keep it! Thanks everyone!


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