May 14, 2009

Let the rain come!

I am ready for the rain! I have been gardening since 1:00 and my fingers are so sore! Gripping the shovel handle, digging in the ground with my bare hands (Which by the way felt REALLY good!)... You get the picture. Since my camera still isn't working, I'll have to give you a mental picture of my garden!

First I'll give you a picture of the flowers I've planted over that last few weeks!

Yellow and Orange Marigolds

White and Purple mix petunias

Light pink petunias

Peach and Yellow Iris's (?)

Raspberry Vinca's

Celosia mix

Zinnia's mix

Bright mix Cosmo's

Snapdragons mix

My garden is split up into 2 sections, but one section is bigger than the other one. In the bigger one I have the Snapdragons, Cosmo's, Zinnia's, Marigolds, Vinca's, and the light pink petunia's. The peach and yellow Iris's separate the big and little section. In the small section I have the Celosia's and white and purple mix petunia flowers. The Celosia's are going to get very tall and bushy, so I put them in the back. Then the petunia's are in front of them. On Tuesday I dug a trench around the ENTIRE garden. I'm going to make a rock border, and if Dad can help me before the rain comes, it should be done soon!

When I came back inside, it felt SO good to be out of the wind and wash the dirt from my hands (Not that I don't like dirt on my hands, in fact I sometimes go outside just to get my hands dirty! But you know, after 3 hours out in the hot, dusty sun, water feels good :). The water was all yucky; dirty brown, swirling down the sink...

Have I grossed you out yet?

Maybe when my camera decides it will let me take some pictures, I'll post some of my garden!

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Emma May 14, 2009 at 6:13 PM  

Ooh! Pretty!


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