May 20, 2009

Pictures by ME!!!

Since today's post will definitely be a longer post than I have been doing... *ahem*. Sorry about that :) There will be different categories. Please choose one to begin with: My Garden, Joelle's 'Photo shoot', Random Flowers, Campfire, Joelle on the Swings, Joelle in the Garden, and Joelle being Silly :) Shall we start from the beginning?

My Garden

I did a post here about my garden flowers, but all those pictures came from Google. I also didn't get
all my flowers posted, so now the I have a camera (Squeals in delight) to use (Yes, not my very own, but the other one wasn't either so...) I took lot's of pictures for you to marvel at :)

Ahh, fresh mulch in my garden! I spent most of yesterday afternoon spreading mulch and the other half I spent riding bike with Kate. It was the first time I had really gone 'out there'. Meaning out on the busy road during rush hour :) We went four miles! Whew! I also forgot a water bottle...

This picture I had before just didn't do justice to how pretty this petunia is (Not that this one does either...) so I posted the flower again!

We have TONS of those yellow and peach iris's!


Keeper of my garden :)

And I have no idea what this one is called even though I bought it a couple weeks ago :) I left the tag in the yard and *poof* it got run over by the lawn mower! But if anyone remembers what this flower is called, I would be forever grateful!

Pink petunia waves. Mom said it will spread and weave in and out of my other plants!

My new Dahlia!!! I LOVE it! I bought it yesterday and the guy I bought it from said it's a mix! So I should have yellow, orange, red, and pink Dahlia's soon!

I love photographing flowers!

Joelle's Photo Shoot

I convinced Joelle to let me do a photo shoot with her and here are the results of a few shots:

In this one, Joelle looks so much like Jenny when she was little (Not like I was around...)

Do you see how dirty those hands are? *tsk tsk* :)

I liked how this one turned out!

And I LOVE this one!!!

This one shows Joelle so well! Always telling stories... Most of them coming from her imagination :)

Random Flowers

Ready for some random, yet pretty, flowers?

Here is the flowerpot I got today at Michael's! I used some of my birthday money to buy it!


Pictures from our family campfire last night:

Joelle on the Swings

I was having fun taking pictures of Joelle on the swing (Hence the title :), so now you all have to endure all these pictures :) MWAHAHA!!!

Joelle looking VERY confused :)

Since the camera had like a 2 second delay, most of the pictures turned out like that...

... but some of them turned out like this!

Such a sweet face!

Joelle in the Garden

Joelle taking a 'shower' under the snowball flowers!

Joelle Being Silly

The title needs no explanation :)

My absolute favorite!!!

That's all the pictures for now (Haha! For
now!)! Stay tuned for more!!!

4 Friend(s) Commented:

Rachel M. May 20, 2009 at 9:19 PM  

Those are great pictures. Your little sister is so cute! (:

Hannah May 20, 2009 at 9:44 PM  

She is So cute! You took some wonderful pictures, Emily!♥

I love all of your flowers, they are so pretty!

Much Love♥,
Hannah Paige

Davene May 28, 2009 at 3:18 PM  

My favorite pictures are the last dahlia one (the close-up) and the one of Joelle's hand holding the little purple flowers.

Looks like you and Joelle were having a lot of fun! :)

Elizabeth J. May 30, 2009 at 8:17 AM  

Loved all the pics! The craft projects reminded me of things I used to make when I was younger. The popsicle sticks brought back memories.=)

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