August 29, 2009

I must be sick...

Figuratively and literally speaking. I think it's allergies, but it also might be a cold. But figuratively speaking, I haven't posted for a while! I guess it's harder now that is a 'Photography Blog', because if you get in the 'I don't want to take pictures mood' (Which I didn't think would be possible for me!), AND it is foggy/cloudy/rainy all day... it puts a damper on your photography mood :( ANYWHO...It all started Tuesday night, when we left the windows open. Where we are, they are started to cut the corn, so when I woke up and had a sore throat, I didn't think anything about it. The first couple days of school I usually have allergies. So I went about my first day of school!

School really is fun :) Here is my schedule:

Wait, I don't have a schedule.

Well, yes I do, and I do all the stuff on it, but I don't do it all in the same order.

But here's what's ON my schedule:

Grammer & comp.
Vocab & Spelling
Fallacy Detective (It's a book)
The Foundling (That's a book too :)
Physical Science (I start that Sept. 11 with a class)
And my Dad and I are going to start Bible sessions/studies or whatever you call it :)

We went to the Library yesterday and GUESS WHAT??? Mom found a book by Gilbert Morris called... 'Joelle's Secret'! Joelle is a really unusual name! I didn't think anyone else knew it :) So I got it and now I'm reading in! So far it is really good. I started it last night, and I'm only on the 7th chapter. Good grief, I should've finished it by now :)

Grammer is my least fav. subject. When I'm doing it, I'm always thinking "When will I use this, when will I use this???". Yes. I know I WILL use all this 'past perfect', 'verbals', and 'present perfect' stuff, but I think it just the same.

Pre-Algebra is my fav. subject! Haha, I feel smarter saying 'Pre-Algebra' :) I'm OK at math, I mean, it can get on my nerves sometimes just because I KNOW I know these things, and it takes forever to do them, but I have to do them anyway! *sigh* I honestly don't know why I like math. I just do.

Well, this morning I got up, ate pancakes, and went to my grandpa's. Dad got on the tractor (Yup. We are FARM PEOPLE!), Kate got the wheelbarrow (Joelle hopped in :), grandpa got the plow, and Mom, Jenny and I grabbed buckets. We went behind grandpa and Dad and picked up taters! Yay! By the way, I think we're having mashed potatoes for lunch, cheesy potatoes for supper, and tomorrow for lunch (We're having company) I think we're having hamburgers, hotdogs, and potatoes.

Around 10:00, we were ready to leave (Well, me Kate, Jenny and Joelle were :). So us gals got our shoes and ran home! OK, not all the way, but we ran for almost a whole mile. We walked some of it, but mostly ran. Dad came after about 7 minutes and we sat in the bed of his truck for the ride home! Joelle's face looked hilarious! She kept blinking rapidly and her hair was sticking straight out from the wind! She looked REALLY silly :)

One more note, my friend Emily (Ironic huh?), who used to go to school with me, HAS STARTED A BLOG! It is about her experience being homeschooled this year. She is going back in 9th grade like me :) So go here and tell her hi!

Have a great day!

P.S. I'll have to change my look either Monday or Tuesday because my header says August 2009, and in three days it will be September! How did that happen? August just slid right by me :(

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Emily Kauffman August 29, 2009 at 4:00 PM  

Hey Em,
Thanks for letting people know about my blog. I really appreciate it. Love you girl!
Take Care and Feel better hun,

Davene August 30, 2009 at 2:39 AM  

This is silly, but I'm really glad you posted about your allergies acting up because of the corn being cut. :) Jeff's mom started having some trouble yesterday with her allergies, and she thought it must be because the corn started being cut in the pasture right next to us because that was the only thing that seemed to change in our environment. I hadn't ever heard of that causing allergy problems; but when I read your blog, I told her about it and she was really interested in it. We're sorry that you're suffering :), but glad to know that the corn is probably the cause for her, too.

Thanks for the link to Emily K's blog!

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