July 30, 2008

Somethin' Fishy

Joelle and I share a bedroom and we recently re-decorated it. We also added a pet to the family. His name is Gilbert Morris. And yes, he is a fish. Joelle is a HUGE goldfish lover, so when we got a goldfish, she thought it proper to name it Gilbert. I suggested Taylor, but no! We had to name it Gilbert. A very common name, don't you think? Nope. Oh well, she's only three and what are you supposed to do when a very stubborn 3 year old wants to name HER fish GILBERT! I really do like the name Gilbert. It fits a fish. Now that I think about it, Taylor isn't absolutely perfect for a fish. In a book I wrote, the main character had a fish and she named it Sneaky Pete. Don't ask me how I came up with a name like that, but that isn't too weird, considering that her bird is named Pepperoni. I must commend Joelle on her name-picking, but I wouldn't of thought about Gilbert. And besides, I just had to add Morris to his name because he is on my side of the room, right? True. I'm old enough that I probably shouldn't be worrying about whether I named the fish or my three year old sister did. I'll learn to grow out of it, but right now, I'm still 12, and I'm sure that God still loves me even when I do quarrel with my sister about small stuff, but I am still God's kid, and I don't stay mad for long. Have a good day! God bless you!

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