August 23, 2008

I feel like a hot dog

My Thursday morning started out as any normal morning. Walk around not knowing you're awake, remember you were hungry so you grab some food, not filling enough? Sure mom, I'll take an egg sandwich, get dressed... My Friday was a little bit worse. Wake up at 6:00, can't go to sleep? O.K., I'll read a book, eat cereal, get dressed feed neighbors goats... My Saturday was a hectic mess. Jump awake, I overslept! Get dressed, Shoot! Need to feed neighbors cats. Run up there give 'em a little of this, a little of that, Poof! a perfect breakfast for a cat, shoot out the door, running a hot dog stand, painted a sign two nights ago, why, oh, why did I have to make a mistake??? Re-paint the sign, eat a pop-tart, yell good-bye and zoom out the door. And that was just my morning.

Starting Thursday, my mom and I were helping to run a hot dog stand. Hot dog! I was looking forward to taking the money. (Another highlight was getting to go behind the 'Employees Only' door at the store where the hot dog stand was!) On the first day we sold about 1,000 hot dogs. On Friday we sold maybe 1,500. Saturday, well, over 3,000. Why you ask? Well, a hot dog, a drink, and a whole bag of chips was only 50 cents! On Saturday one man got 16 hot dogs drinks and chips! Thursday, a man got 4 hot dogs chips and drink, came back for 2 more hot dogs chips and drinks, and then got another combo!

Friday was an O.K. day except for the fact that the signs I made did not stick to the screen, (Note to self: Duct tape doesn't stick to a screen.) I got some magnets, but they kept blowing away. Lot's of people wanted hot dogs with french fries, but we only had chips and drinks to go with them. If one person asked for diet, one thousand people asked for a diet drink. I have no idea how they manage to gulp the stuff down! I am not all for the huge bottles of pepsi and coke, but if you're gonna have some soda, don't ruin it with diet.

Like I said, Saturday was a mess. We had 20 people lined up by 10:20. We opened at 10:00. Unlike Thursday, we kept a steady line all day. At least 2 people were in line all the time. We had a really good system in the tiny trailer. Like I said, TINY! I was in the drink department with my cousin, Michelle, mom was grillin' the hot dogs, and my aunt and cousin were fillin' the buns. Another girl from my church, Leigh, was handling the money and our youth pastor, Joe, was our runner. He would help people who had 16 hot dogs carry them to the car, and he would run to the back room to get chips and dogs and ice, so he was designated, 'The Runner'.

Changin' subjects again. Are any of you farmiliar with the rumor that Starbucks is going bankrupt? I heard it at a picnic tonight (The host served hot dogs! Can you believe it? I never want to see another hot dog in my life!). If anyone knows if it is true or not, just write a comment. I already checked out Never heard of it? It's a great place! You can learn about rumors going on if they're are true or not.

Time to stop drop and nap!

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Davene August 25, 2008 at 8:37 AM  

I didn't even know about the hotdog stand until Joe mentioned it yesterday! Sounds like a busy, but fun, time. I'm glad you got to help with it!

Julie August 28, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

I'm with you on the hot dog thing Em. Although, a Nathan's cheese dog might be good before too long...
Love ya!

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