August 17, 2008

Silly Sunday

This may sound silly (but that's what my post is all about, right???), today I actually learned how to play hopscotch! Oh, sure, I thought I knew how to play, but I was doing it ALL WRONG! At first I thought, how do you mess up in hopscotch? The Answer: Simple, throw it off one of the squares, forget to pick up the pebble, miss a square, need I go on? How I played was I would throw the rock, and hop to that square, move away, Joelle's turn, throw the rock, hop, move, repeat. Joelle insisted, absolutely insisted, that mom should see this wonderful game we all know as hopscotch. Conversation with mom:
Joelle: Watch this mom!
Mom: I'm watchin'.
(Joelle hops around as if nothing else in the world matters!)
Mom: Oh Joelle! That's all wrong!
Me: Really??? That's how I taught her!!!
Mom: You taught her wrong.

Well! I finally learned how to play hopscotch! And I learned something else! I didn't know that they made hopscotch RUGS! The world is now MUCH better! Today was a Silly Sunday (Hence the title) and I had lot's of fun!

Have a good week!

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