August 16, 2008

Wolf Stompers

From the title of my latest post is probably very confusing to all of you. A wolf stomper is a llama. Yes, that's right, a llama. I found it very interesting! In an article I once read, it said that llamas will run after wolves and coyotes and if they refuse to retreat, the llama will race after them and sometimes stomp them to death. I know it sounds horrible, but if you really stop and think about a llama running after a wolf and trampling it, I think it sounds kind of funny. Therefore, a llama in our house, is now called: Wolf Stomper. I had to find something to write about, right???


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Davene August 19, 2008 at 3:17 PM  

I did not know that. Thanks for helping to educate me. :)

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