September 3, 2008


I've learned so far that this year, I'm gonna learn stuff and I'm not gonna get off as easy as I did two years ago :)

I have been in school now for a whole week (Officially). I have gotten into routine. Here's my schedule:
Math (I have two math lessons. The first one is on a dvd and the second one is from a book.)
Literature (I read a book called "Of People" to mom then do a review on it to see what I learned.)
History (I have the coolest history book ever invented! I have a section review with history too.)
Reading (The name of the book is "Before you meet Prince Charming". I'm about halfway finished.)

Mom and I are reading Proverbs. Sometimes we are both working on stuff and I get started on schoolwork. We are trying to do it every day, but sometimes we forget. We still do our normal dose of the Bible, so everything is o.k..

Also, I'm reading this book, "Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul". In a chapter entitled "Going to the Dogs", I read about the kid who founded the "Vest a dog" foundation. Here's the site:

I'm gonna try to raise enough money to buy a vest for a dog. A short summary of the chapter is that the kid read about a police dog that had to go into a building to attack a mad man and the man shot the dog. :( If the dog was wearing a vest, he wouldn't of died. A vest costs around $450. The kid put donation boxes in pet stores and vet stores, so I'm gonna try and do that too. I made a list of all the pet and vet stores in Harrisonburg. Now all I have to do is call them and get permission to put donation boxes in their store. Wish me good luck! %% (That's supposed to be a four leaf clover, not that I believe in good luck or anything...)


(P.S. Today I'm gonna get a gift for Joelle but I can't say what it is because my mom said she was gonna read my post when I'm finished!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you mom!

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Davene September 3, 2008 at 10:53 PM  

I was WONDERING how school was going for you. :)

That sounds like a fantastic project to raise money for. I'll donate! :)

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