October 21, 2008

Tour My House Tuesday: Bedroom

Today, we are going to take a tour of my bedroom. It is the most important room in the entire house (Except the kitchen!). As you know, in an earlier post, I wrote about how I am always changing things (In that case, my blog background). Another thing I am always changing, is my bedroom. Last year, the color was a coral. This year it is a beach blue. I completely re-did my entire bedroom in decked out beach awesomeness! When you walk in the door, you are greeted by my bed.

On my bed are 3 pillows and 1 blanket. The curtains are made of a sheer fabric. We tied it back with some packaging twine. As I said before, my room is painted a blue entitled 'Innocence'.

So, after you walk through the door and see my bed, turn to your right and you will see another bed!

This is Joelle's bed. She would prefer not to have any little pillows on her bed, but I asked for her to at least have one small pillow. On Joelle's bed is Silky (A pink, silky blanket), 2 blankets and 2 pillows.

Next is my bookshelf.

In between my door and my closet, is a little patch of wall. To fill up the empty spot, I placed my bookshelf (Which I'm not sure if that's accurate because I only have about 4 actual books on it) there. Above my bookshelf, are my volleyball pictures from 6th grade. On the top of my bookshelf is my radio/clock and sailboat. My grandparents got me the sailboat from somewhere in Staunton. On the first and second shelves are some beachy things.

Lotion, a little heart that says 'Joy' on it, 2 glass jars filled with sand and seashells, a ball made of shells, 2 dolphins painted at 'You Made It!', 2 Coke bottles with 'messages' in them, 1 sandollar, and lots of other shells.

Next is my closet.

Don't worry, not all the clothes in there are mine! O.K., maybe three-fourths of it is! There's not much to say about my closet, except that it is sort of a walk-in closet and that it is the place to hide stuff!

You can sort of see it in the picture above, but next is my desk.

The Desk is where Gilbert Morris lives. On my desk, I do lots of things. For example, yesterday I sat at my desk and wrote down some blog post ideas before I forgot them. The Desk also serves as my drawing board. Someday I should show you my Wednesday Artwork. Every Wednesday (I've been slacking with the 'every Wednesday' stuff ever since school started) I draw a picture of anything I want and then hang it up on the 'fridge.

Above my desk is a cork board full of memories. This is my ME board.

As you can see, many pictures of puppies! My calender is in the middle with all the things I love around it. There's a mini purse (Which symbolizes shopping), a sun and flower pot (For Spring and Summer), friendship posters (For friends), a waterfall (For swimming), a sunrise (For God's good creation) puppy pictures (For pups!), a postcard from Ohio (For vacations), and little pictures of me (For memories sake)!

These next few things are little elements of my room.

Here is an orange beach mat that Mom gave to me.

And here is a 'Lifeguard on Duty' chair that I got at a yard sale for $4!

It has an umbrella to block the sun, and a cup holder to hold your sippy! Isn't it wonderful what you can find at a yard sale?

My bedroom is extra-special to me, so that is why I chose it for my first 'Tour My House Tuesday'! Come back next Tuesday to see another room in my house!


This morning, while I was doing my grammer, I happened to look outside. Behind our trees, was a great, big, dark cloud! I ran to get the camera and here's the picture I took.

It was REALLY dark! The wind was blowing, the leaves were falling and I had a headache (I get those when it's going to rain). I was sure it was going to rain, but soon the sun came out and the birds were chirping again. I can't explain the headache thing, but maybe it will rain tomorrow!

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Davene November 1, 2008 at 3:23 PM  

Your room looks so neat and attractive!

Emily November 1, 2008 at 4:08 PM  

Trust me, it's not always that clean!

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