October 20, 2008

Fun with...

...Magnets. Today, Joelle and I got out her magnet things (I have no idea what they are actually called) and hung them from the vent in the living room. We made a really long chain! That probably made NO sense what-so-ever to you, so maybe this picture will explain better:

(Psst! Enlarge to see all the detail! :)

I hope you understand better now. I also stuck a little ball (Made of the magnets) onto the vent in Jenny's room. I'm trying to see how long it takes for her to notice!

See? Fun around the Sacra house.

... Hair. Last night, Mom did my hair in a, let's just say different, hairstyle after I took a shower. She rolled my hair up in flannel scrap fabric (One piece at a time) and I slept in it. In the morning, Mom took them out and poof! Here's what it did!

The back isn't nearly as curly as it was in the morning (This picture was taken in the evening). I might try it again tonight...

... Wiggles. Who knew that Joelle would be the one who would be always sitting in front of the TV? At least the Wiggles keep her up and dancing.

That girl loves her wiggles!

... Angelina. There's a craft that my cousin Michelle has. I (Again) don't know what it is called, but you have a pattern you paint on and then it somehow sticks to a glass window. Wasn't clear enough? Here's a picture.

Not quite sure how clear this is either... It's just supposed to be a mouse wearing clothes (That's not strange), but Joelle decided it was Angelina Ballerina.

... Joelle, Checkers, and Lori. Mom is on the food committee for the relief sale. This morning, the ladies on the committee got together for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Since I'm home schooled, I had the privilege of going along. Yay! One of the ladies had a little girl named Lori. I think she was almost 1. Anyway, I got to hold her for a while. I taught her and Joelle to play checkers. I think Joelle is catching on. Lori on the other hand... She needs some more practice!


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