October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Joelle!

Happy Birthday Joelle! Today you are 4! You'll learn how to tie your shoes, and count by twos. Happy Birthday!

Are you ready? Are you seriously ready? 'Cause today, this post is gonna be FULL of pictures! Se fasten your seatbelt, here we go!

This morning started out very pretty, but also very chilly! Here's a shot of the sunrise:

Like I said, it was very chilly. The temp. was down to 40.2 and it was snowing on the mountains!

Dad had to go into work at 8 (I think that's right), so we woke Joelle up and we opened presents! She was very excited!

Umm, what 4 year old kid wouldn't be excited??? See her I'm-not-awake-yet-so-don't-take-a-picture-of-me face? :)

Presents Galore! Maybe not that many, but to a 4 year old, a mountain of 'em!

Hmm, which one do I open first? Aha! The small one. Start small and get BIGGER, that's the way to do it (I'm gonna cheat. I'm gonna skip through all the pics of her opening the presents 'cause they were so blurry. I'll just show you what she got :)!

Duh, what every girl needs! Tinker Bell Bubble Bath!

Oh, and they also need a Tinker Bell Pez dispensers!

Oops, forgot! They also would need a Tinker Bell sticker book!

This is just one page out of the sticker book:

Not too many, right? She should have the whole book cleaned out by next week.

Now we're getting to the good stuff! Curious George. Not just any old Curious George, but the Curious George Complete Adventures! It comes with cds and the book.

****Warning! This book might be too adorable for children under the age of 3. Keep out of reach from children!

I was being serious when I gave that warning! The book is called Once There Was A Christmas Tree, By: Jerry Smath. Wow! Too cute!

Is this Illegal???

I don't know, but I had to put this in. This is my favorite page in the entire book! Old Rabbit put half of his Christmas tree in with the Mouse Family! Probably, to understand that, you need to read the book. I have no idea why this is my favorite page but it is :)

I got Joelle these rings. You flip it open and Poof!

Lip gloss! It's princess style too (You don't get much better than that, unless it's Tinker Bell!)!

If you want to count them, be my guest, but it's 8:53, and I have school tomorrow! The little blue and green thing at the top is supposed to be a glitter gun. You pop the glitter thingy in and squeeze the little trigger, and you get a nice clean line!

Just one more!

Paint! All different colors! Boy, we had fun with that!

(Like the peppermint candies falling from the sky?)

Naw. We weren't messy.

Princess crown. Michaels. $1.00. Cool!

This afternoon, Joelle and I played Library.

This was our setup. Dr. Seuss books on sale for 25 cents and regular books on sale for 50 cents.

Birthday Girl is busy shopping for Dr. Seuss books. How can you not want some when they're on such a good sale?

After we played Library, we got our the paints again. Well, Joelle did. I ate lunch. While I was snacking on Sunchips, I took some pictures of Joelle. Ha! She didn't know I was taking them!

Don't you just love Joelle's smock made from wal-mart bags?

Like my rabbit?

And then come Grandparents!

First present...

Did they just get her the Tinker Bell movie??? Yes!!!

Push the ladybug and Tinker Bells wings flap (Wait a minute! Tinker Bell? No, it can't be!)

Here we go! Something other than Tinker Bell! This is a princess book magnet-board drawing thing.

Jenny's always ready to help :)

Ooh! Ooh! I want a piece!

Silly girl.

Blow!!! Yeah! She got all the candles out on the first try! He he, let's see how she does when she turns 50!

Yeah! I'm done! I can go to bed! I'll see you later, blog. If you really wanted to summerize this blog post in 3 words, here's what they would be:

Happy Birthday Joelle!

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Davene November 1, 2008 at 3:34 PM  

Looks like a great birthday! We have that Curious George set and LOVE it! :)

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