October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I'm writing about this even though it's one of my least favorite holidays. All the ugly people (fake people) and huge hairy spiders. It's also one of my favorite holidays (How does that work?). Halloween falls around Fall! Fall means leaves to rake up, scarecrows to put up, Joelle's birthday, but best of all, IT MEANS THAT CHRISTMAS IS ONLY 54 DAYS AWAY! I'm so crazy for already having up my Christmas Countdown thing on igoogle ;)

I wrote about his in an earlier post, but tonight our church is hosting a Hallelujah party, instead of a Halloween party. It's better because they are no werewolfs, spiders, witches or ghosts! Joelle is dressing up as Fifi the Poodle (And you can see the pictures of here in the link above) and I'm her owner. My costume? Myself. She's the cutest little girl!

I'll post pictures of my bedroom later. I added the old computer that was downstairs. Pretty much the only reason I use it is because it has all my pictures on it and it is what I use to make my blog posts!

I'll try to remember to take along my camera this evening and get some shots of the party!

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Davene November 1, 2008 at 3:36 PM  

Thanks again for helping with David last night. :)

The roller coaster header picture is perfect!

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