November 2, 2008

Computers, the Real Thing, and Birds, Oh My!

First, Computers.

Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, we recently put the old computer that was downstairs in my room. Luckily, there's still room for Gilbert!

Joelle has lots of fun on the computer! She can play all her games on it! In this pic, she is playing some Language club game :) I really enjoy having it in my room! At first, I wasn't sure if I really wanted it in there, but once we put it in there, I LOVED IT!

I'm gonna squeeze this in my 'computers' category. Since I have my own computer, I needed to find a screen saver, right? I was lookin' in the 'free' category. I came across this one from MSN Greetings.

He's my monitor-window-washer! You can see exactly what he does here.

Remember my very first 'Tour My House Tuesday'? I did my bedroom. Remember? That was completely inaccurate! Here is the picture I took for my TMHT:

Isn't it nice? It looks airy, clean, like Joelle never touched it. That's exactly it. Here is a random photo I took this evening of her side:

See what I mean? Now, since I saw the picture, I cleaned up a bit. I made the bed, shoved the shoes under the bed, put stuff in a box... But it still doesn't look quite as nice as it did before :(
Yesterday morning, we were welcomed by THOUSANDS of birds while eating breakfast!

Ever tried to take a picture of flying birds? :)

Wow! It seemed like every bird in Virginia (Or perhaps even the world!) was in our backyard! Maybe they were having a conference, or maybe a tea. Who knows? Only God does. The noise was terrific! I had to shout over my cornflakes (It wasn't that bad :) to be heard!

Since I am finished, and Jenny needs the computer, I need to sign off. I'll see you next time!

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