November 3, 2008

I'm so proud of myself!

I just bought 3 shirts for only $19.79 at a very expensive store!

The other day, Kate, Jenny and me went out to town. We stopped at the mall. The only stores I really shop in are JCPenny, Claire's, Icing (By Claire's), Old Navy, Gap, Skyline Gifts, Belk, and Maurices. My favorite out of them all is Maurices! I was shopping and the most wonderful thing happened.

That's right. I saw it. The Big Word.


Right away, I got all the clothes I even sort of liked and tried them on! After that, I narrowed them down to about 5 shirts. Then I narrowed them down to 3. The only problem was that I only had $20. I needed the brown cami to go under all the shirts, but the cami itself wasn't on clearance and it cost $20. NO WAY! I called mom and she said that I should go ahead and get them since they were on clearance. I figured that I would just get a cami at wal-mart. I took my shirts up to the counter and the lady rang me up. The total was $19.79! How good am I??? There was only one more problem: The shirts were amazing and I wanted to wear them the second I got home. But, I still didn't have that brown cami. Sadly, I went back to my room to hang my shirts up. And that's when I saw it. A BROWN CAMI! RIGHT IN MY CLOSET THE WHOLE TIME!!! That made me very happy. Right away, I tried them on for Mom. And she approved!

Sorry, I was already wearing that one, and I wasn't ready to take it off! Do you like them? I REALLY DO!

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