November 11, 2008

Tour My House Tuesday: Kitchen/Dining Room

On todays TMHT we are touring the kitchen, where all the good smells and good eats come from!

We have two main doors. One of the leads into the the living room, and the other leads into the kitchen. The door that goes into the living room is the main main door. The door that leads into the kitchen is the main door :) The only problem is, the main main door rarely gets to greet people. The main door usually has the pleasure. The main door is inside our carport. Here is what you would see if you came through the main door.

We have a six-seater table, a computer desk (With the computer :), a trash can, 'fridge, stove, sink, microwave... all the stuff you would expect in a normal kitchen.

Like I said, it's your normal kitchen. I really don't have much to say about this kitchen... Hmm, it normally smells good, that's a thumbs-up!

This shelf hasn't been up for a long time. We got all the rooster stuff at Michaels (What a surprise :)

Now this shelf has been up for a while. Can you tell the theme of the kitchen is roosters?

Here's our six-seater table. In the middle, you can put in more sections of wood to make it much longer to seat maybe 2 more.

Here's the computer desk (Complete with computer). If we could all have a moment of silence. This computer desk is free of clutter! Who knows, maybe your computer desks are always clean, but between homework, flyers, coupons, books and magazines, this desk is almost never :) (I will partially take the blame because I do most of my homework there and I am the one who is on the most!) Speaking of clutter free things, I spent LOT'S of time on the kitchen! I actually felt a little guilty of cleaning it just for the pictures, but I actually do like cleaning the kitchen. Did you notice that the kitchen was very clean? Shoot, and just before dinner too :( It's bound to get messy sometime anyway.


On another note, today I put up our Christmas Village (By the way, 43 days left until the big man comes :). It covers almost the whole piano top, and I decided that that would be to many pictures, so I took a video instead!

There's a

- B&B
-Candy Store
- Department store
- Another candy store
- Toni's Toy Store (A personal favorite)
- Livery
- Horse Statue (More like the headless horseman because the man lost his head)
- Man selling fruit
- Musicians
-Lamp posts
- Shoppers
- Priest and Nun
- People playing in the snow.

I was so excited to put them up! I put them up every year. A BIG church, and the town clock shop, a few trees and some lamp posts broke a couple of years ago during Spring Cleaning. That's alright though, because we still have a small church and a few other shops.

Well, that had nothing to do with my TMHT, but I wanted to add it so I did. Thanks for coming!

Happy 43 days before Christmas!

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Davene November 11, 2008 at 9:47 PM  

You mean, your kitchen isn't always that neat? ;)

The headless horseman is funny. I'd say not too many people have one of those in their Christmas collection!

Margie November 14, 2008 at 9:44 PM  

Emily, I just came over from Davene's blog and I want to compliment you on yours! Your blog is cute, funny, and interesting. Can't wait to read more. I love your fall pictures, too!

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