December 8, 2008

The Basket, The Rocking Horse, and The Train

Boy, I have some catching up to do!
The Basket:

The Rocking Horse:

The Train:

The Basket
Hmm. Perhaps you might receive something in a basket? I need to work on this :)

The Rocking Horse
Again, something to receive?

The Train
Ugh! Trains weren't even invented yet!

O.K. You can see how amazing I am at this :) From now on, it won't have to have anything to do with the Christmas story. Just Christmas. Or perhaps something else? We'll just have to wait and see...

O' Christmas Tree

And now, finally, the belated Christmas Tree post! Phew! I haven't been feeling 100% for the past few days (My jaw can be sore at times), and I just haven't had time since Saturday to sit down and write a post. Oh, but boy I thought about it! I knew exactly how I wanted all my pictures to be laid out, I knew what I would write, and I knew how to say it. So, this post was planned, even while we were putting the decorations on the tree :) But do you know what this means? It means that I remembered my camera! Yay! It's a happy day! At the tree farm, when I whipped out my camera, Dad just grinned and said, "This is gonna go on your blog, isn't it?" Yep. He knows me well!

Saturday morning, 4 of us got in the van, and the other 2 got in Dad's truck. It was about 27 degrees outside. Most of us were all bundled up. I was not. Now, granted, that was my choice. I could have walked out of that house with a scarf, hat, boots and such. But I decided on a brown coat and gloves. I am so smart! Somehow I survived. Once we got to the tree farm, we all trudged up the hill (Me with my socks falling down :). The lady there instructed us which kinds of trees were where and told us not to forget our saws. Along the way is a hidden candy cane tree. If you find it, you get to keep a candy cane off the tree! Once your tree is packed up and on your van (Truck, car, etc.), go down to the Spring house and get some hot chocolate. Also, in the Spring house is a tree full of pretty ornaments. You get to pick one off the tree. So with the instructions all heard, up we go to find the perfect Christmas tree!

Some of us were very excited!

How are we supposed to find a tree in this big mess?

This is the tree I wanted...

...But them I fell in love with this one! Let's see, if I'm 5 foot 3 inches, so this tree might just be around 11 or 12 feet tall! Wow! This one definitely wouldn't fit in out living room!

This is the tree Jenny wanted. Look at all the room under there for presents!

Mom found this tree. We all liked it. Except for Jenny. She was still stuck on her tree :)

I was taking pictures... but so was someone else. I'd be willing to bet money on the fact that Kate's pictures came out much nicer than mine!

I'm saving up for a camera like this. I want all the features of having different colors, videos with sound, having fuzzy stuff, ALL the fancy stuff. We're talking about a Canon 40D! We're also talking about $500.00 :( Maybe someday I'll come up with the money!

FINALLY! We decided on the tree that Mom had picked. We called on SuperSaw girl!

Joelle had a very important job. If no one carried the saw, how would we cut down our tree?


Then, we got down to work. We had to find the Mystery Candy Cane Tree! I was the first one to spot it. Yay for me!

My sweet little candy cane SuperSaw girlie!

I thought it would be much bigger than this tree. I guess it's so that little people can reach!

Ah! The finished product! It took me so long to get this photo because my camera went dead the moment I got ready to take my picture :( It was rather sad. Our tree is one quarter of an inch shy from hitting our ceiling! Whew! Talk about the perfect tree! It fits perfectly!

Getting a Christmas Tree is a holiday tradition in our family. Artificial trees are nice, but I prefer the nice pin-y smell of a fresh tree. Ah...

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Julie December 9, 2008 at 8:15 AM  

Ahhh... It was fun wasn't it? And I love the snow on your blog! Love you! Mom

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