December 5, 2008

The Boy

Well, first let's state the obvious: Jesus was a boy. However, he was more than just a boy. He was Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior (Thinking about the word 'Savior' makes me think of something... So please excuse my randomness :). This year for Advent, every night my family reads Jotham's Journey. I really like this book. That's probably because I'm not the kind of person who likes to answer questions as follow:

Q. What did you think about this section?
Q. How did this section make you feel?
Q. What was your favorite part of this section?
Q. Please share your life story with us :)

O.K., so maybe I exaggerated a little. In this book, a person just reads about 2 or 3 pages of 'the story of the night' and then it is followed by a little section explaining things like what it was like in Israel at the time period they are talking about. ANYWAY, back to the 'randomness' part. In last nights reading, Jotham was talking to the person who had just saved his life. Jotham exclaimed, "You're my Savior!". I was sort of confused by this, because I thought that Jesus was our Savior. And this was supposed to be a Christian book! I asked about it after the reading was done. Mom and Dad said that it just meant that this man had saved him. It wasn't meant in the sense that this man was a Savior like Jesus. So, I learned something about Savior's!

Yay! I'm so excited that we had an Advent piece tonight that had something to do with Christmas! Again I say, Yay! Hmm, now what about tomorrow...

These Evil Teeth!!!

I think that 'evil' is an understatement! Ugh! The only consolation I have in this is that I have no more baby teeth! Haha (I'm sure that sounds funny because most of the people who read my blog are way past baby teeth stage!)! This morning I had homeschool co-op (Nothing special there. I did have a test in science though. The test is in my notebook, but I forgot my notebook. Ugh! But, thanks to friends, I'll see my score soon! Thanks Davene!). I only got through science and half of art class before I had to leave. Where you ask? To the dentist (Maybe I should've stayed in art... :)! I'm sure you don't want to hear all the details... so you can scroll down to the end :) All I'll say is that I had my permanent tooth already grown in and my baby tooth was still there, hanging on for dear life! That little sucker just didn't want to come out! Mom tried to put floss under it and pull, but that hurt a lot because the edge of my tooth was very sharp and it was digging into my gum's... Get the picture? Mom called the dentist :) I was lying there on the dentist's chair while two people were poking and prodding inside my mouth thinking, "I really hope this isn't gonna hurt!" But, before I knew it, my mouth was numb, I could barely talk, and I had two teeth pulled! That's right, not one like I had planned on, but two! The dentist said that I had another tooth that was all pinkish that was doing the same thing that my other tooth had done. If I just left it, pretty soon, it would be in pretty bad shape. So while my mouth was already numb, he pulled it (With Mom's permission, along with mine!). Oh, I forgot to mention the shot. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. I hate needles. Especially when they are poking you in the arm, leg, gum's, anywhere! Having the numbness helped a lot! Without it... *sigh*. Now, as I'm feeling around in my mouth, I can almost detect a couple holes on the top and bottom of my mouth. Oh, which by the way, the one I came in to have pulled was on the bottom and the surprise one was on the top. Maybe you've had your mouth numbed before (So this is old stuff to you :) but it was cool! I was having so much fun poking myself with my tongue (I'm sure that was helpful to the dentist :)! I couldn't feel anything (I told Mom that if anyone was really mad at me, now would be a good time to punch me (NOT that anyone would do that anyway!!!) 'cause I was numb!)! Me poking around made the time pass fairly quickly.

So I left the office with a blue box containing my two teeth, some gauze to put inside my mouth until the bleeding stopped, and a prettier smile! There was only one downside to my trip: I'm to old to get a toy now :)

Dear Lord,

Please help me to remember to take my camera tomorrow. You know we'll be getting our Christmas tree (Yay!). Please be with us tomorrow to help us pick out the perfect tree. Remind us why we are there in the first place. To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Help us to not get too carried away with the gifts, the tree, the lights, but to focus on You Lord. As the saying goes: Jesus is the reason for the season! Amen.

Oh, yeah! I'll try really hard to remember to take my camera. Wish me luck!

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