December 20, 2008

The Heart, and The Church

The Heart:
This Christmas season, I think we all should have a joyful heart, as well as a thankful heart. I am very lucky to live in America with a family that loves me. I think that as the holiday progresses and the rushes are going on, a joyful heart is essential! Ever think about how one joyful (Or un-joyful) person can totally mess up another persons mood? Like if I was having a horrible day and was being sour to everyone, how do you think my mood would affect the person who rang me up at the counter? Unless this person is unusually happy at all times (And that's very hard to be during this season), I would think that she might take on my mood. Perhaps the next customer in line would get treated poorly. Then that person would go home in a bad mood and so on and so on. So I'm trying to have a joyful heart at all times even when I'm having a bad day!

The Church:
I remember one year when Christmas was on a Sunday. We woke up pretty early to open presents (No one could wait until after church!). I remember being sad that Christmas was on a Sunday! I always thought that Christmas should be spent at home with family. I guess now I think back and realize that's kind of funny. I should've been glad that we could go to church and spend Christmas with family and friends! Also, what better day to celebrate Jesus' birthday?

Have a good day!

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Davene December 21, 2008 at 6:54 AM  

So true what you said about the heart.

Thanks for always bringing joy to my family's hearts! :)

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