December 19, 2008


When I posted about how I was slacking on blogging, I wrote about a puzzle I was working on. Well, my friends, that puzzle is finally done! This puzzle has been occupying my mind for 4 days! It's the cutest little puzzle you ever saw. It's called Christmas Market Square. It has 550 pieces. As you would expect, the market is crowded with customers cramming about to get those last minute gifts. Santa Bear has come to town and is handing out presents. Mr. Mole is sharing fresh-baked Christmas doughnuts with his friends while Mrs. Bear hangs twinkling stars outside of her store. Carolers singing, little ones running around, and Santa Bear's sleigh filled with presents make this puzzle one of my favorites! Here are some of my favorite characters:
Santa Bear handing out his many presents.

My personal favorite: little bunny with his new Christmas toy!

Mr. Mole's friends getting more finger-licking good Christmas treats!

*Sigh* I'll say this one more time. You might have to click on it to make it bigger...

*Sorry about the flash! Kate helped me figure out how to turn it off (It was so complicated :) but the pictures were to fuzzy. Definitely NOT blog-worthy!*

I started this puzzle on Tuesday. I wasn't feeling 100% that day. I pulled out our stack of puzzles and found this one. I had done it a couple times before, but I hadn't done it for a while. I pulled it out and started working on it around 3:00. Well, Jenny came home from school, Joelle and I watched High School Musical (Yes, you heard right. I must have been REALLY sick, right?), people grew up, went to college, got married... :) And I was still sitting there. The sad thing was, I hadn't even finished my border! I gave up around 8:00.

Wednesday I didn't do quite as much. I was feeling much better (Must have been that Tylenol...)
! I still spent a while down their, but not 5 hours straight. More like 3... :) I also had youth group that night. We had a White Elephant gift exchange for the holidays. I waited until the last minute to get my present! So I spent some time wrapping my present and experimenting with new handwriting styles. I must have written "Merry Christmas!" 20 times on a tiny sheet of paper. Yet, I still haven't chosen on I liked...

Thursday I worked for a long time on it. Mostly in the afternoon because I had school in the morning and all the evening activity with "Who's going where?" and "Which van are you taking?". That kind of stuff. When Dad got home that evening, we searched and searched and searched for the badgers nose! We figured it wouldn't be hard to find, I mean, come on! It's just a pink ball on a weirdly shaped puzzle piece! How hard could it be? Apparently, very. We couldn't find that nose for anything! You know, it was just one of those things. The rest of the badger was filled out except for his nose. Ugh! You just want to put the piece in and have everything perfect! It's got to be in there somewhere... Overall, Thursday was a pretty good puzzle day.

Friday. The last day. Oh, remember the Badger nose? Mom comes downstairs to help me work on the puzzle. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Mom? Dad and I looked everywhere! We cannot find the badgers nose!

Mom bends down to look at the pieces. Studies them for 2 seconds.
Mom: Oh, you mean like this one?
She holds up a weirdly shaped piece with a pink ball on it. Gulp!
Me: Umm, yeah. Hehe. Thanks mom!

Yup. So Friday was the day that I finished the puzzle. Had a bit of a scare though. I finished the puzzle, only to find that 2 pieces were missing. Missing! Ugh! Finally, I found both of them hidden under the couch. I quickly snapped them into place. *snap* Ooh! Don't you just love the sound of the last piece clicking into place??? I do! Yeah! After 4 long days, the puzzle is finally done! Today is also the last day of school for me. Christmas break officially begins at midnight :) Yeah, sure, I could still do my homework because it's homework. But what fun would that be? Jenny's out of school doing nothing while I'm sitting at the table learning what a present perfect tense is (I did that one for you Mom!)? I don't think so! It seems like it might be a month until Christmas, but really, It's only 5 days away! Did you hear me? 5 DAYS AWAY! I'm so thankful that all my Christmas shopping is done! Thank goodness all that's out of the way! I'm very excited! I like to guess what's in my presents before I open them (I'm always wrong!) and shake them! Yay for Christmas!

On another note:

Davene posted a comment on my camel post. She asked me whether or not we knew that Mary rode a donkey. Wow. I can honestly say that I had never thought about it before! I mean, all the movies, books, pictures and tales tell that Mary rode a donkey. My answer is I simply don't know. I couldn't find anything in the Bible where it specifically mentions that 'Mary rode on a donkey to Bethlehem'. I researched some of this online (I know that isn't the most reliable thing to do, but I did anyway.) and there were lot's of different responses. Someone said that if Mary was very pregnant (And we don't know if she was or not because the Bible doesn't specifically tell us how far along she was.) that all the jostling around on the donkey might be harmful to the baby. Another person said that considering the times and location, it was pretty likely that Joseph prepared a donkey to carry their belongings. If so, Mary could have ridden on the donkey at some points in their journey. So, did Mary ride on a donkey? I still don't know. I might never know, but I think that it's a VERY good question. Thanks for asking that, Davene! I enjoyed researching it!

Merry 5 days before Christmas!

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Davene December 19, 2008 at 10:18 PM  

You're very welcome, Emily! Actually, it wasn't something that I had ever thought about either...until my aunt raised the question. I guess I'll add that one to my list of "questions to ask God when I get to heaven."

It's been a long time since I did a big puzzle like that, and I miss it. It's so funny that your mom found that piece. :)

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