December 25, 2008

There are Many Joys of Christmas...

...But I'll only name a few!

As I mentioned in another post, last night Kate, Jenny, Joelle and I slept beside the tree last night. After our wonderful Christmas Eve dinner (Provided by Chef of the Year, Julie Sacra!), we all watched The Snowball Express. As soon as the movie started, Jenny and I remembered having seen the move before. No one else remembered seeing it though, so we continued watching. It was a funny movie! It was also and OLD movie! You could tell by the outfits, the hairstyles, the computers, the cars... Anyway, after the movie, we all got ready for bed. Jenny slept on the sofa, Kate slept next to the wall, I slept on the edge of where the carpet and wood flooring cross, and Joelle slept in between Kate and I. We were all in our sleeping bags and settled around 11:00. Mom and Dad turned out the lights and everyone fell asleep instantly. Except for me. I could not get to sleep, and when I finally did, I would wake up every two hours or so. But still, I was the first one up. I was up around 6:00. Kate and Jenny said that the absolute earliest I could wake them up was 6:45. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got out my handy dandy Robotic Book Light! I got it last night as our 'Christmas Eve present'! It worked really well! So finally 6:45 rolled around, but I decided to give them a little longer. At 7:00, I tried to wake them up, but they wouldn't get up! So I went back to reading my book. I figured we'd open those presents sometime! In about... one minute, they were awake! So we pulled our sleeping bags out of the way. Usually, we have a specific order (Youngest to oldest, vise versa), but this year we just did whoever wanted to go next (Not a good idea with Joelle!) or something like that. It worked out really well! I won't bore you with details, but I do want to share what I got for Christmas!

A hot pink desk lamp (It has a place where you can put a cup for pens and stuff!)-Kate
2 Old Navy shirts (Red and Orange)-Mom and Dad
Oh-So-Soft pants from Old Navy (!)-Mom and Dad
Cosmetics bag (Mom and Dad also put in nail clippers, a big package of nail filers and bonbons lip gloss!)-Mom and Dad. The bag came with...
A beautiful purse (It looks like a Vera Bradley but it's not :)-Mom and Dad
A shirt from Maurices (It has some flowers on it! It's really cool! I've been wanting it every since I saw it!)-Mom and Dad
Brown Vest (It's a down vest! It is so comfy!)-Mom and Dad
Scarf from Old Navy (It is pink, brown, white, red, and orange!)-Mom and Dad
$15 gift card to Michaels-Kate
P.J. pants (Red and white plaid)-Jenny
Dry Erase Board (It came with two magnets and a magnet pen. Mom and Dad also got me four different colored dry erase markers, an eraser and the erasing spray stuff!)-Mom and Dad
The Hidden Place/Bonhoeffer CD (2 true stories on CD!)-Mom and Dad

Whew! It's only 2:00, and I'm having a blast! Have a very merry Christmas!!!!!

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Davene December 27, 2008 at 1:55 PM  

What a fun idea to sleep by the Christmas tree! I'm going to keep that in mind for the future. :)

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