January 3, 2009

Baking Day

For Christmas Joelle got a baking set. I was in a baking mood today, so Joelle helped me bake lots of cookies! We didn't really use her baking set, but she was happy either way. I made her an apron and gave it to her on Christmas. She loves to help do the dishes after dinner. Mom's aprons don't really fit her, so I made an apron that fits her! The only problem was that included in the baking set was an apron! I think she likes mine better because it's made out of soft fabric. The one in the set is plastic. Making the dough didn't take as long as I thought it would. I guess it's because I usually make chocolate chip cookies and they need more ingredients. My sugar cookies usually turn out broken, hard and burnt. This time, I was surprised by how good they looked! And the best part is, I only broke two! We didn't have any vegetable shortening (We could have used butter, but that would have taken up 3 whole sticks of butter!) so Mom said that we would have to go to the store to get some Crisco. Kate suggested that we mix milk and powdered sugar. It turned out better than buttercream icing would have! Store bought icing is good, but so thick! It's like the icing on Wal-Mart cakes. Ugh! The milk and powdered sugar mix was almost runny so you could drizzle it on the cookies. Yum! We had lots of sprinkles from previous years, so we got 'em all out started sprinkling!

From multi-colored dots to pearly white snowflakes we had quite enough sprinkles!

Kate made us red, blue, green and white icing.

Joelle glopped all the icing on hers!

And finally all the cookies are iced, all the sprinkles are put away, and the cookies are ready to be eaten!

Cookies: Joelle style!

And then some of my favorites: :)

Ahh, finally one that looks appetizing!

I hope she left some for the rest of us!

Concentration is the key to cooking!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

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