January 21, 2009


Tonight, Mom, Kate, Joelle and I went over to Dad's new store (And I'll write lot's more about that later! Pics and everything :) to see how everything was progressing. I took my camera along to take lot's of pics. Ha, when do I not have my camera? Anyway, I was taking pictures, and since it was dark, I got lot's of light pictures. Like, the headlights, stoplights, and stuff. Well, let me just show you:

This is the temperature and direction thingy in our van.

If you look kind of close, you can see the time: 6:19!

This on is my favorite! It's headlights (And taillights) downtown! Isn't it cool?

This is a pic of a whole bunch of cars coming in a row!

And this is just a simple picture of our floodlight outside our house.

Wow, I've done 3 posts today! I have a lot to talk about! Well, actually 2 posts, because the NDR post was written over a period of weeks. Hmm, maybe only 1 post, because my Wordless Wednesday I only posted a picture... :) Have a happy Wednesday!


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Laney January 22, 2009 at 6:22 PM  

Wow! Those are really neat pictures! The 3rd one is my favorite, too! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! It means SO much to me! Have a good weekend!


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