February 2, 2009

Photography Fun: Post #2

Yes, I am doing another abstract photography post! This post is the sequel to this post. So here we go, off on another round of: Abstract Photography!

This is the lucky piece of art I'll be photographing today :)

Hmm, yes... now on to more exciting things!

It took lot's of effort, but we did it! We finally convinced the government to put Joelle's face on the 100 dollar bill! Isn't it a beauty?

Oh, Joelle! Sorry this picture didn't turn out so well... Anyway, I did this on photobucket.com! Feel free to make your own! They have lot's of different insert-face things. You can do the $100 bill, you can be a kitten, you can even be a gorilla!

We might be getting some heavy weather this week. Mom and I stacked wood for about and hour. Whew! We now have a new appreciation for what Dad does!!! So, the rain might be falling pretty soon. Our electricity might get knocked off ('Cause if anyone's does get knocked out, IT WOULD BE US!!!) so if I don't post for a while, you'll know why. Have a good Monday!

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