March 18, 2009

Candid Shots and an award!

First the candid shots :)

Last night, Joelle and I were playing 'Don't Bug Me' (Another version of 'Go Fish') and she was getting in a silly mood. I was taking random shots of her while she was in her 'silly mood'!

I tried to sharpen this one up, but it came out looking worse. I wanted to put this one in, so I just left it the way it was!

I love her wild look!
She's running away!

I can't... go... on... much... LONGER!




And now for my all time favorite!!!

Hahahaha! She was getting ready to throw her cards at me!

I'm sure that when Joelle is my age, she'll look back on my blog and see these pictures... and be very mad at me that I posted these :)


And now for my award!

Laney awarded me with the Against the Flow award!

This award goes to all of the people who are living a life for God and going against the flow of what the world might tell them to do. I will award this one to:

Tia at 525600 Minutes
Marissa at A Peek Into My Life
Hannah at Heart of Purity
Madison at Madison's Musings
Mia at Mia's Blog

Thanks Laney! Have a great day everyone!

{Emily Joy Photography}

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