March 3, 2009

Store Pictures - FINALLY!

Yes, I'm FINALLY getting around to posting the pictures of my Dad's store. My Dad works at Benjamin Moore Paint and Decorating (I think that's what they call it. They tweaked the name since they moved). So, for those of you who were wondering, Dad doesn't own the store, it's just his job. And now the most important part: the pictures! I never did get any BEFORE BEFORE pictures, I only got Before pictures. They knocked down a couple walls and re-painted everything, but I didn't get a chance to get pictures before walls came down. So here are the pictures of when the store was MESSY!

Right now, you're standing where the counter is. The counter is sort of 'L' shaped.

This is where they put the brushes and rollers and stuff like that :)

Some thing, only different angle.

This is the tint room. They ended up re-painting the red wall white.

On the green and gold wall they put up shelves like the ones to the right of the picture.

You're behind the counter again! You're looking into the seating area.

This is where they have the Hunter Douglas window shade display.

Since the last picture of this room, the added another blue shelf-holder thingy :)

Mom and I made this new 'go-green' flooring display. Oh yes, we are Wonder women!

Joelle was helping Mom clean the windows. They needed it - BAD!

This is kids area before the toys...

After toys!

Ah! Finally all moved in! They put all the paint, brushes, rollers and stuff out on all the shelves.

Two different angles of this umm, beautiful table?

This view is looking towards the front entrance of the store.

Looking at the sitting area and paint chip displays.

This is looking at the counter from (Almost) the front entrance.

Another view of the counter...

Standing at the front entrance looking down towards the counter, sitting area, and paint chip displays.

Phew! Now that all that's done, I can post about other things! Like Joelle for instance... :) Have a great Monday!!!

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Rachel M. March 3, 2009 at 4:41 PM  

That is so neat, Emily Joy. :) I enjoyed reading about it. :) It looks like a really nice store as well. Beautiful flooring,too. :)

Thank you for sharing!

Have a great day, dear sister! :)

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.

Marissa March 6, 2009 at 11:43 AM  

That is really neat! :-)

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