April 23, 2009

Adventures in Sandland: Metro Bay


I'm the Mayor of Metro Bay! We live in the country Sandland. The population is 300,000 people. Would you like a tour? I'd be more than happy to give one! Ahh! Here we are at The Smoothie Shack. Ellie (She's the owner) can whip up the best sand smoothie you ever had!

You can stop in whenever you want, The Smoothie Shack is open 24/7! Oh look! Here we are at the new Metro Bay Railroad Station! It's so new it isn't even finished yet! Let's take a look:

Well, it doesn't look too pretty, but after they finish digging the hole, it will look great! Over here is the historic battle field! This is where the great knights fought a thousand years ago! Knight Red and Knight White were the biggest enemies in Metro Bay (Then called Metro City)! And over there, behind the battle field, is Knight Red and Knight White's castles.

They lived so close together that they built a 30 foot high wall! But that didn't stop them from fighting, no sir! They met on the battle field every day for jousts, and to fight. They even had moats around their castles with snapping alligators.

As you can tell, they were not friends! Finally after many years of fighting, the people of Metro City were sick and tired of the Knights fighting, so they tore down the battle field and the 30 foot high wall between the castles.

The Knights realized what they were doing and settled their differences. As you can imagine, the townsfolk were very relieved to learn that the Knights weren't fighting anymore!

Well look! They finished to Metro Bay Railroad Station! Let's go check it out!

There goes the first test train!

Looking through the tunnel...

Ha! This thing is as sturdy as...

Hmm, Oh well! Back to the drawing board...

Thanks for visiting Metro Bay! Be sure to visit again!


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bekahcubed April 24, 2009 at 7:42 PM  

That is too cute. Sounds like you enjoyed the outdoors today.

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