July 1, 2009

Answering Some Would-Be Questions

For today's post, I'm going to do something kind of random. I'll be answering some questions I haven't even been asked yet :) Some of these I've been asked, but others I've made up or I know some people want to know! So here we go... :)

Q. Why do you change your blog background and header so often?
A. Well, you all know I have a design blog, and before, I only knew 'blog secrets' and only made freebies like buttons and stuff. But thanks to the super helpful Megan, I now know how to re-size the backgrounds I made! Yay! Anyway, I enjoy SO MUCH making backgrounds and headers, that when I make one I like, I decide to use it! Like this one I'm using now,

I think it looks something like chocolate :) And yesterday, I also made a background for my design blog, so go over there and tell me if you like it :)

Q. How many blogs do you really have?
A. Wow! For this one, I had to actually go to my dashboard and COUNT! O.K., I'll be honest, I have seven blogs. But only 2 are in use. If I hadn't made a design blog, I would have four blogs. But one blog is THIS one, another is my design blog, my about me page (Which come to think of it, I can delete that one), my regular blogs test blog, Sugar and Spice (And I can delete that one too), and two (Yes, two) test blogs for my design blog. One is a 2-column and the other is a 3-column. But really, I only keep up with two :)

Q. Why do you always post pictures?
A. If you went to my 'Labels' and clicked on 'Pictures', you would find at least 49 posts with pictures. That may not seem like a lot, but I have many more pictures, I just started the label 'Pictures' later. I post pictures so much, because I know that one day, this computer will be gone, and all the photos with it. However, if I post them on my blog, they will always be there! So I pick my favorites, and upload them here, kind of as a place of safekeeping. They will always be here, and just like I wrote in my journal, my grand kids will come here and read all these posts, and know what I was like when I was 12-13 and up! I want them to know how much I enjoyed photography, and what I was like when I was their age! So that's why I always post pictures :)

Q. Comments. Why do you never leave comments?
A. Sigh, I agree, I am HORRIBLE when it comes to leaving comments. I get a surge of euphoria every time I get a new comment, yet I always fail to see that others get the same feeling when I leave them one! So I apologize to all you bloggers for being so comments-less. I will try to leave more comments on your blog :) So let's make a deal. I will leave a comment on your blog, if you leave a comment on mine! :)

Q. You're not following me anymore! What happened?
A. I hope none of you are hurt by this, but just recently, I had to cut back on some blogs I read. I was following nearly 120 people! I couldn't do that anymore, so I had to cut back. Now I'm following 111 (Which is still a TON!), and I'm reading 15 other blogs that don't have follower buttons. So I really hope none of you are mad at me, I didn't mean to make you mad, I just couldn't read 150 blogs anymore.

Q. You're following me, so why aren't I on your friends list?
A. I'm sorry about that too. I need to delete the entire list and update it. I have only half of the blogs I read on there :) It's hard to go through Google reader and pick ones I haven't updated, so I'll have to do that soon.

Q. Are you really going to Europe?
A. Haha, I don't know. If you're totally in the deep about this question, go to this post. Mr. H (The choir director) might decide NOT to go to Europe and we might go to Africa, or we could end up going to Pennsylvania :) The whole point it, no, I do not know whether or not I'm going to Europe. I would love to, but hey, I might not even make it! I was just rejoicing because if I make it, if we're going to Europe, IF I DON'T DIE, I am going to Europe in four years :)

That's all I'll do for right now, but if you have other questions, leave them in a comment, and I'll try to answer them on this post! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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anna :) July 1, 2009 at 4:01 PM  

hey, i'm anna, i'm a new blogger, and i love yours! :) you can check mine out @ www.sistersnthesavior.blogspot.com

Cassie July 1, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

I've tagged you! :)

Anonymous July 3, 2009 at 6:53 PM  

That was interesting to know. I did ask myself about the template thingy! :D

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