July 24, 2009

Awards - *Yawn*

I'm not saying that awards are boring. I'm just SO tired from our lake/beach trip today. I'm really not sure what to call it (Lake? Beach?), because it's called Sherando 'LAKE', but a sign said "NO LITTERING ON THE BEACH!". What do you think? I'm sorry. I'm being terribly boring and I'm running my mouth - so I really should get on with it. So, if this post sounds really boring, it's because I'm not 'with it' if you know what I mean :) Before I get to the awards/tags, here is a picture of the lake:

I didn't take this picture, and I didn't take ANY pictures. I didn't even take my camera. I didn't want it to get stolen or anything, so maybe Kate will post pictures and I can steal them from her blog (In a loving Christian way of course) :)

NOW for the awards:

I award: Hannah Paige @ Trusting in His Love ~ Laney @ Got Freckles? ~ Bekah @ The Word Crafter.
I award: Jenny @ Jenny (Ha! Maybe now she'll HAVE to do a post!) ~ Emily Shae @ Writings of a Small Town Girl ~ Elizabeth J. @ Footprints in the sand.

Who knew? I'm a princess!
I award: All of my {girl} followers (Sorry Ryan :).

Tagged by VickyChick:

Starting time: 4:19

Name: Emily {Joy}

Sisters: Three

Brothers: None

What are you wearing? Bermuda's and purple shirt.

Favorite number: I would pick 9, but SOMEONE would get very upset with me. I have no favorite number.

Favorite drink: Water ~ Milk

Favorite month? June or July... But April's a good month because it's my birthday... But December is Christmas... Maybe all those fall months ~ it's fun jumping in all the leaves! Although... January, February and March are cool - literally... School starts in August/September...

Favorite breakfast? Mom's choco chip pancakes :)

Love someone so much it made you cry? AHAHA!!! No.

Broken a bone? No.

Been in a police car? Yeah... only once when I robbed that bank though! Jk jk :)

Been on a boat? Yes!

Came close to dying? Well, Jesus could come back any second...

Been in a hot tub? Yes.

Swam in the ocean? Yeah, more like was dunked and pulled under by the thrashing waves... :)

Fallen asleep in school? I don't think so... no.

Cried when someone dies? Yes.

Fallen off a chair? Not on PURPOSE!


Who did you last yell at? Jenny :)

Do you like filling theses out? They're fun when you're not sunburned and tired.

Do you like yourself? Yes.

--------------Today did you---------------

Today did you talk to someone you like? What kind of question is that? Seriously, I didn't see that one coming :)

Today did you get sick? Nope.

-------------------Last person who-----------------

The last person you talked to on the phone with? Dad.

The last person who made you cry? Don't remember.

The last person you went to the mall with? Probably my Mom or Kate or Jenny.

Last person who you want with to Europe? Umm, how about not!

Been to Asia? No.

Been to Russia? No.

Been to the Bahamas? No.

Been to Mexico? No.

Been to Canada? No.

Been to Africa? No, no, no, no, no, no!!!!

---------------------Final questions--------------------

What are you listening to? The AC. Ah, the wonderful AC.

Do you hate someone in your family? Hate is a very strong word.

What car do you wish to have? Ooh ooh! I got it! A yelloe VW bug! And then I'd put black polka dots on it and the license plate would say 'ladybud'. Haha, cute right?

Good singer? That depends on who you ask.

Indoors or Outdoors? Depends on the season.

You have a job? HA! Does feeding cats and watering flowers count?

Time finished: 4:30.

I am now tagging: Earwen @ Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden ~ Tia @ 525600 Minutes ~ Marrisa @ A Peek into my Life.

And also, I did one of those speed test things, and here's my score:

Typing Test

How did I do? Haha, just kidding, I edited the HTML so that I had that many :) I really only got like 56 WPM (Words per minute).

So now I'm typing... I have no idea what I'm typing... I'm going to fall asleep... My shoulders and neck got sunburned. Ouch! You know what? I'm sitting here at the kitchen counter, and I see lemon blueberry and chocolate muffins right in front of me, and they look so good. I want one, but Dad will be home soon and then dinner and... but I want one now... :( Wow, I sound really pouty, don't I? I'm sorry, I'm not usually like this :) O.K., I'll stop typing now :)

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Anonymous July 24, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

The lake/beach looks beautiful! ^^

Laney July 24, 2009 at 6:55 PM  

Thanks for awarding me! :) The lake looks like a ton of fun! I think we all have days when we feel like we're going to fall asleep on the keyboard :) Especially when sunburned! :( Dont't ya just hate sunburn?? Haha, when I first saw the typing test I was like "420! words??!!" :D Enjoy your dinner, muffins (the chocolate ones sound SUPER good!!) and most importantly, SLEEP!!!


Elizabeth J. July 24, 2009 at 6:56 PM  

Emily Joy, thanks for awarding me my first official blog award! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.=)

Davene July 24, 2009 at 9:58 PM  

I'm glad you all finally got to go to the lake! Wish we could have gone with you! Oh, well, we were a little busy... ;)

Vickychick July 24, 2009 at 10:53 PM  


Melissa July 25, 2009 at 12:12 PM  

I bet you had a great time at the lake/beach. I hope your sunburn gets better soon!


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