December 27, 2008

Holiday Number 2, Coming Up!

2009 is approaching very quickly! You know, it seems funny to me how millions, millions, of people will go stand outside to watch a ball drop when they could be at home in their pajamas watching it on TV! I like New Years Eve better than New Years Day! On New Years Eve you get to watch the fireworks (Or is that the Fourth of July?), stay up 'til midnight (Maybe!), have the parties (Which we never do anyway), have way more fun than on New Years Day! It's fun to talk to friends and say, "I haven't seen you all year!". It's true but weird.

Christmas blues are almost over. It was worse today than yesterday. I feel kind of lazy today. I think I can have those once and a while! Mom was talking about maybe putting the Christmas tree outside on our porch. I told her that the pain was still too fresh! I really didn't want to! Two days after Christmas and taking down the Christmas tree. It's just not right! :)

Just finished making Snickerdoodle Pie! Umm! Deeelish! I made TWO! One is for our Sacra Family Christmas tomorrow, and the other is for ME! Just kidding, it's for all of us, if I don't get there first! :) In fact, maybe I should go get a piece now...

Merry 2 days after Christmas! O.K., I promise that's the last one :)

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Joelle December 28, 2008 at 5:11 PM  

Mmmmm. The pie sounds soo good. We had a lot of New Years parties when we were little, but now we really don't do doesn't even let us stay up late.....she just might this time...I hope.

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